10 Tipps für einen perkeften New York Trip

10 tips for a perfect New York trip

New York is one of the most exciting cities on the planet that has a lot to offer, perhaps too much, and no matter how much you've seen, you'll go home feeling like you've missed too much. To keep what you miss as low as possible, a plan is the best way. Everything you need to prepare so that your start goes as smoothly as possible, from the airport transfer and food to shows, sights and activities, can be found below.

1. ESTA travel authorization

The first step after deciding to visit the Big Apple should be applying for the ESTA visa. The ESTA is valid for two years, the application costs 14 USD, there are some free ride companies that charge a lot more money, so make sure you submit your application on the official website of the US government. You can find everything about ESTA and the link to the official website here .

2nd flight

Next you should book your flight. The rule of thumb is that the sooner you book the cheaper the flight, which doesn't always have to be the case but is often the case. I have put together tips, tricks, apps and websites for you here where you can find cheap flights. CLICK

Everyone wants to live like a king and in New York, ideally with a wonderful view of the skyline. I have put all the tips, family hotels, budget hotels, hotels with breakfast etc. here for you CLICK

4. Weather

The weather in New York is difficult to predict, summers are extremely hot and humid, and winters are very cold and windy. Here I have described what the weather normally looks like month by month. CLICK

5. Airport Transfer

Once you've got the first four points behind you, then it's time to move on to the practical side. The first thing you need to worry about is how to get to and from the airport. Whether shared transfer, Uber, private transport or subway, you can find everything here. Newark or JFK

6. Nutrition

New York is the Mecca for every food lover, there are restaurants and shops from every corner of the planet, Michelin-rated luxury establishments and delicious $1 pizzas, as well as the best burgers in the world

  • I have put together a list of the 10 best burgers in NYC for you here click
  • You can find 10 restaurants where you can get something delicious for under 5 dollars by clicking here
  • Michelin restaurants where you can eat for less than 50 US dollars click
  • Of course, something for vegetarians too
  • Or click on our food tour

7. Transprot

As already mentioned, New York is a huge metropolis consisting of 5 districts. The third largest district, The Bronx, is the size of Paris alone. To get from A to B you won't just be able to rely on your feet. There is the subway which is the best means of transport and is very easy to use, you can read how easy it is here and watch the video instructions. CLICK

8. Activities and Sightseeing

Hamilton Park, NJ which we visit on our Panorama Night Tour

There is so much to see in New York that it's impossible to do it all in one visit. I have put together 15 things for you here that you should definitely see or do. CLICK

Another option is the sightseeing passes, I have compared them for you here. CLICK

Then there are our tours & tickets, which you can find on our website meintripnachnewyork.com

9. Shopping

A must-see: New York is the fashion and shopping capital of the world. In addition to the large outlet center in Woodbury , there are also a few outlets in the city itself, and of course you can shop incredibly well in the city itself. You can find more information here. CLICK

10. Broadway and sporting events

New York is famous for the big stage and sometimes you can see great Broadway shows, concerts or sporting events for very little money. You can read here how you can get cheap Broadway show tickets. CLICK

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