5 Pfannkuchen Restaurnts zum Fingerablecken

5 finger-licking pancake restaurants

If I tell you about a typical American dessert for breakfast or brunch, many of you will probably immediately think of pancakes. These "pancakes", reminiscent of French crepes but with a different thickness, are truly irresistible!

These are real treats known for their softness and golden color. You can try them in a simple way with sugar and maple syrup or in a much more delicious way with fresh fruits, chocolate, whipped cream, pudding. Now you are spoiled for choice.

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You can't miss this treat during your trip to New York. Believe me!

But at this point the question arises: Where can you eat the best pancakes in New York? There are so many restaurants that offer them on their menu. Here are five of them that are worth sinning.

1. Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

Considered by many to be the best pancake maker in New York, Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant has truly exquisite pancakes! The distinctive flavor of the place is: blueberry pancakes, chocholate chip pancakes and banana walnut pancakes.

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant opened in 2001 at the initiative of chefs Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman with the goal of serving breakfast with fresh and simple products. The success was remarkable and that's why they decided to open for lunch and dinner too. Today there is a Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant in Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok.

As the name suggests, the place is located at number 4 Clinton Street (Lower East Side). Due to its popularity, it is always quite busy, so I recommend avoiding peak times and weekends. They're not cheap (around $15 for a batch of pancakes), but they're worth it!

2. Sarabeth's

A true New York institution for breakfast and brunch. The first Sarabeth's opened in 1983 and was so successful that over the years other restaurants have opened not only in New York but around the world.

There are currently 5 Sarabeth's restaurants in the Big Apple, located in different locations throughout the metropolis. More specifically, they are located in:

It's hard to resist Sarabeth's pancakes! The flavors they are famous for: Lemon & Ricotta Pancakes and Buttermilk Pancakes . Of course, in addition to pancakes, the restaurant also offers many traditional American dishes.

This isn't a cheap place (a breakfast menu starts at $20), but the setting, service and quality reflect the price.

3. Bubby's

Bubby's, which opened in 1990 and is often frequented by celebrities, prepares many American dishes, but everyone considers it the benchmark of all pancakes. The toppings are varied: blueberries, caramelized bananas and roasted walnuts, Nutella with strawberries and cream... are just a few of them. A paradise for foodies!

There are currently two Bubby's restaurants in New York:

Tribeca ( 120 Hudson St )
Highline ( 73 Gansevoort St )

4. Norma's

Norma's is located in the Parker New York, an elegant 4-star hotel near Central Park ( 119 West 56th Street ). The breakfast at this place is very tasty and suits the taste of those with a sweet tooth.

As you can imagine, the price is high (a plate of pancakes costs around $30), but the portions are very generous. Their specialty is Norma's Super Blueberry Pancakes, served with Devonshire cream. There is also a gluten-free version for those with celiac disease!

5. Pershing Square

This restaurant near Grand Central Station ( 90 East 42nd Street ) has a decidedly "old-fashioned" look and is very popular for breakfast or brunch. The dishes on the menu are really diverse and it is also open for lunch and dinner.

As for the pancakes, you can choose both the version with white flour and the one with wholemeal flour and different toppings (blueberries, strawberries, bananas, etc.).

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