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Niagara Falls and outlet visit - one overnight stay

Niagara Falls and outlet visit - one overnight stay

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Why we like it

The man everyone knows today as just a car, Nikola Tesla, changed the world here forever and designed the first hydroelectric power station at Niagara Falls, which began generating electricity in 1895. Here you are so charged with positive energy that you beam with joy and you can't feel what nature and water are capable of anywhere else.


Tour duration: 2 days

German speaking tour guide

Hotel overnight stay with breakfast included.

Free cancellation


An incomparable experience is a visit to Niagara Falls, which is one of the most important and impressive tourist attractions in the world. This opportunity should not be missed.

1. First day

This German-language tour departs New York at 6:30 a.m. Arrival at... Read More

meeting point

Outside the side entrance of Port Authority - 330W 42nd (between 8th & 9th Avenue) New York

Good to know

• To enter the Canadian side you must carry your passport
• Toilets available on the bus for emergencies only
• Ferry ride in summer, viewing tunnel in winter included in the price