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Why we like it

Only Rocky made Philadelphia really famous, but before that there were the founding fathers who met here, discussed, debated and founded a new country. It is the birthplace of the United States. And while we're there, why not visit the Amish people who live nearby. Famous primarily for their traditional way of life and their closeness to nature, "simple" people who value family and hard work. None, use electricity, cell phones and vehicles.


Excursion duration 14 hours

German speaking tour guide

Arrival by modern bus

Free cancellation


You leave New York early in the morning for New Jersey and Pennsylvania and then arrive in the “metropolis of brotherly love”.

To begin, you will go on a city tour and visit, among other things, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Elfert Alley (the oldest inhabited... Read More

meeting point

Outside the side entrance of Port Authority - 330W 42nd (between 8th & 9th Avenue) New York

Good to know

• Journey approximately 4 hours one way, with a toilet break approximately halfway through the route
• Toilets available on the bus for emergencies only