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How best to get to and from the airport (JFK).

One of the first questions that many people ask when they book a trip to New York is: “ What is the best way to get to and from the airport ?” Which airport in New York is best?”

jfk airport

There are several options, subway, UBER, taxi, shuttle, private transfer etc. Below you will find the description and you can decide for yourself what works best for you in New York City.

JFK Airport - John F. Kennedy International Airport

The busiest and largest airport in New York , this is where most of you will land or leave the city from there.

nyc subway

Subway :

The cheapest way to get to the city or the airport is by subway. After landing, going through border control and picking up your suitcase, you go to the AirTrain . There take the AirTrain towards Jamaica Station (Subway Line E) or Howard Beach Station (Subway Line A) , which unfortunately can sometimes be a bit confusing, so it's better to ask twice and check (see map) and video below). You can still change at the Federal Circle station if you notice that you are not on the Airtrain you want. The train runs very frequently, every 7 minutes during peak times and every 15 minutes at other times.

airtrain, airport train at jfk

At Howard Beach or Jamaica Station in Queens (not the Jamaica in the Caribbean, don't worry, you're still in New York) you have to pay the Air Train Transfer ($8.25) . There are machines directly at the payment point, you can pay by card or cash ($ - US dollars). How to use the machine please see the video below. Since October 10, 2023, you have been able to pay directly at the turnstile with your credit card or cell phone/Apple Watch etc. via OMNY and do not have to purchase the Subway card at the machine. Attention: Some providers and websites offer you the overpriced tickets for advance sale in Europe.

After you have paid for the AirTrain , walk towards the subway. There you can use the same card that you used to pay for the AirTrain . The subway ride to the city costs ( $2.90 ). There are three lines from Jamaica towards Manhattan. Line E, J and Z. The majority of you will get on line E and get off or change at the desired station. Subway line A departs from Howard Beach Station. T ip: Download the “NYC Subway” app for free at home. This means you have access to the Subway card at any time.

NYC, New York subway map

There are two types of trains “Local” and “Express”, as you can see on the board in the subway. On the subway timetable you can see all the stations, white and black dots . At the stations marked in white , e.g. Times Square, both " Express" and "Local" trains stop, at the black dots only "Local" trains stop. Travel time to Manhattan is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Here you will find a specific description of the subway and how to navigate it. CLICK

Advantages and disadvantages of Subway:

  • + Cheap
  • + Experience
  • + New York feeling
  • - Inconvenient and inconvenient, especially when you have to change trains
  • - Crowded during rush hour
  • - Longer journey time, uncomfortable after a long flight
  • - It is not uncommon for restoration work to take place, which means that you have to change, the train takes longer, etc.

Alternative I. - Taxi

At the terminal exit, travelers line up and want to get into the legendary Yellow Cab. The trip from JFK to Manhattan (JFK to Manhattan in English) will cost you between $85 - $105, depending on traffic and route. The price is as follows: Flat rate $52, tunnel, road and bridge tolls must be paid by guest, 50-cent MTA state surcharge, 30-cent improvement fee surcharge, $4.50 rush hour surcharge from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., 20% gratuity. Attention: Do not get into the black Lincoln limousines (town cars) or any other vehicles, the so-called "Gypsy Cabs" are scammers who lure you with a low price and then charge you higher later.

Advantages and disadvantages of taxi:

  • + Comfortable and pleasant
  • + Fast in the city
  • - Price
  • - Possibly waiting time depending on crowds
  • - sometimes unfriendly drivers

Alternative II. - Collection vehicles

New York airport shuttle companies like Go Air Link NYC and Supper Shuttle (unfortunately filed for bankruptcy on January 1st, 2020) use minibuses and collect the maximum number of guests, 8-12 people per shuttle. The price per person is $24. Depending on traffic conditions and when it is your turn to be dropped off, the journey will take between 1.5 to 2 hours. My suggestion is Go Air Link NYC, if you book it with us we will take care of the reservation and everything else, so you don't have to call Go Air Link or worry about it when you get there. After booking we will let you know all the details. You can book the collective transfer CLICK HERE

Advantages and disadvantages of shared taxis:

great shuttle in new york

  • + Cheap
  • - Unreliable, unfortunately the drivers sometimes don't show up, in which case you can always reach us by phone
  • - Poor customer service, very difficult to impossible to get in touch with the driver, call center instead, annoying when the driver no shows
  • - If you are unlucky and are the last guest to be dropped off, the journey will be significantly delayed, very unpleasant after a long flight

Alternative III. - Private transfer

private transportation new york airport

We offer you a private transfer to and from the airport. You will be greeted by your driver at the security exit at the airport with a name tag and chauffeured to the hotel. If desired, in a Sedan (1-3 people) which costs almost the same as a taxi, a Stretch Limo (6-10) people or an SUV (1-5) people.

Advantages and disadvantages of private transfers :

  • + VIP service
  • + Fast in the city
  • + Fixed price, no possible additional costs or fees
  • - Price

Private transfer 1-3 people, $109 CLICK HERE

SUV transfer available here, 1-5 people, $174 CLICK HERE

Stretch Limo Transfer available here, 6-10 people $250 CLICK HERE

Alternative IV. - LIRR (Long Island Rail Road)

long island rail road, lirr to and from jfk

The fastest way to get to Penn Station (Pennsylvania Station) from JFK is by LIRR (Long Island Rail Road). To do this, take the Air Train (explained under point I) from JFK to Jamaica Station and then get on one of the numerous trains that go to Penn Station. Attention: If you want to use the LIRR from Penn Station to JFK, make sure that the line you get on stops in Jamaica, which basically all lines do except the Red - Port Washington. You can find a map for better illustration here. CLICK

A one-way ticket costs $10.25 during Peak and $7.50 Off Peak, plus $5 for the AirTrain. Always purchase the ticket in advance at the station, otherwise you pay an extra charge on the train or download the MTA eTix app and purchase it online. Tip : In my opinion it only makes sense if you live near Penn Station.

Advantages and disadvantages of the LIRR transfer:

  • + Get around town quickly, saving 30 minutes

  • - Price, a bit expensive for a train journey 
  • - Confusing, especially first-time travelers could make a mistake
  • - Often busy, especially from Penn Station
  • - From Penn Station you have to take either a taxi or the subway to the hotel and vice versa from the hotel to Penn Station

Alternative V. - Travel agent

Ride brokers uber, lyft, juno, via

Many online providers such as Uber , Juno, Via and Lyft have now established themselves, with which you can book reliable private transport using a corresponding app on your smartphone. No matter which service you choose, you always have to download the provider's corresponding app from your AppStore . The price from Manhattan - JFK varies depending on the traffic situation, there is a high demand for trips, for example on rainy days the prices are 3 times the regular price, the so-called "surge pricing". You can find all the details about this variant (including Uberpool) here. CLICK

Advantages and disadvantages of the travel agent transfer:

  • + Reliable service in most cases
  • + Fast in the city
  • + Fixed price will be displayed before ordering

  • - Price, variable changes every minute 
  • - Internet connection mandatory
  • - Finding the vehicle is always difficult
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Hallo, ich wollte mal fragen ob es den NYC Airporter Bus noch gibt die immer am Asugang vom JFk standen?!


wieviel grosse Gepäckstücke können beim privaten Transfer mitgenommem werden ?


Wie komme ich von EWR Flughafen ins NY?? Welche Transfer Möglichkeiten gibt’s ? Geht auch mit dem Zug ??


Kann man auch nachts noch mit air train und U-Bahn vom JFK zum Financial District? Oder ist das nach 22:00 nicht mehr ratsam?


LLIR ist tatsächlich eine Alternative, es kommt allerdings darauf an, wo man in Manhattan hin möchte. Meistens muss man dann doch noch die Subway nehmen. Wir hatten diese Variante gewählt, weil wir gehofft hatten, schon auf der Fahrt nach Manhattan einiges zu sehen. Allerdings ist die Gegend vom Flughafen in die Stadt nicht so schön.


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