UBER, Lyft - Wie funktionieren Taxi Fahrdienst App's in New York

UBER, Lyft - How do taxi ride apps work in New York

Taxi ride app's

The yellow taxi is a symbol of New York and will remain so forever, but new technology brings innovations that are not only more convenient and customer-friendly, they are also more transparent. Today you can order your driver to your door and know the price and travel time in advance. This works with the taxi ride apps and New York City has four of them. UBER is the most famous, Lyft, Juno and Via are the other competitors. I would like to explain to you how these apps work, when it is best to use them and what the advantages and disadvantages are. If you CLICK here you will get $5 off your first ride.


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How it works

Step 1

Download the app. Best from home.

step 2

Set up the app, enter PayPal or credit card, phone number, etc

step 3

Done - use the app!

The video instructions for the UBER app

Taxi vs. Uber - advantages and disadvantages



  • Exact price and time information in advance
  • Door to door transfer
  • Payment automatically through the app


  • If demand is high, for example when it is raining, the prices double or triple
  • Environmental pollution caused by large numbers of vehicles

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  • No price increase regardless of demand
  • Experienced drivers with license


  • The “taximeter” also runs in traffic jams, confusing costs
  • You have to hail a taxi from the side of the road

UBER also has competition in New York and the rides on the other apps are often cheaper. You can download the following apps and compare the prices.

  • Lyft ($10 off code SANEL422313)
  • Juno (30% discount CLICK )
  • Via ($10 off with code sanel3m5)

UBER airport transfer

You can also take an UBER to and from the airport, the prices vary depending on the crowds, you can spontaneously check the price on your cell phone when you get there. You can find everything about airport transfers here. CLICK

    UBER Pool – what is it?

    It is the cheapest variant of the UBER app; you are transported in a vehicle with other guests, a kind of collective transfer.

      How do you recognize your UBER driver?

      Before your driver arrives, you can see the driver's name and photo, the vehicle (color, make and model) and the license plate in the app. When you get in just say your name to the driver and he will confirm it, it sometimes happens that people get into the wrong vehicle. Sometimes the driver calls you or sends you a text message. The app sends you a message when the driver is one minute away.

      The drivers are usually nice, sometimes hand you water or sweets, and you can ask for a charging cable for your cell phone.

        UBER New York with children

        As you can see in the video above, the app has a version with a child seat.

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