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Taking the subway made easy

ride the nyc subway

Over 4.3 million people take the New York subway every day and you should take it at least once. Riding the subway in New York is relatively easy and here's how it works. You can purchase tickets in advance here click

Facts about the world's most famous rail network:

  • If the rails were laid in a straight line, it would be about the distance from New York to Chicago, or Berlin to Rome, about 1,200 km
  • 60% of the rails are underground
  • Times Square Station is the most used, with 66 million boarding there every year
  • There are currently 472 stops
  • The MTA sends 6,407 cars onto the tracks every day

our bestsellers


  • Single ride $2.90
  • Weekly pass $34.00
  • Monthly pass $132.00

With a weekly or monthly pass you can take an unlimited number of trips. A weekly ticket is worthwhile for 11 or more trips; these are done quickly, sometimes in one or two days.

Thanks to the OMNY “tap and go” contactless payment system has been in effect since March 2022. Pay with your cell phone - ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay etc. or contactless credit card, if the WiFi or W-Lan symbol can be seen on your card, as in the picture below, it works when you have the cell phone or card on or near it hold it on the screen of the turnstile.

If you pay for 12 individual trips within seven days with the same cell phone or contactless credit card, the cell phone/card automatically turns into an unlimited weekly pass.

E.g. If you have paid with your cell phone or contactless credit card 12 times in the past 3 days, the remaining 4 days of the week are "free" (assuming you use the same cell phone or card)

Attention : The week always starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, which means, for example, if you make your first trip on Wednesday, you start again from the beginning on Monday, on trip one.

The price for a trip is independent of length, duration or changes. As long as you don't leave the turnstile, you can ride underground for as long as you want.

Subway ticket

How to purchase a card from an ATM:

ticket machine new york subway

Purchase a single ticket at the machine:

  • Press start ->
  • English ->
  • Single Ride ->
  • Select cash or credit card and pay.

(If you pay with a credit card you will be asked for the ZIP code - zip code, simply enter zero 5 times )

Purchase a weekly or monthly ticket at the machine:

  • Press start ->
  • English ->
  • Metro Card ->
  • Get new card ->
  • Unlimited ride -> 7 Day (7 day pass) or 30 Day (30 day pass) ->
  • Select cash or credit card and pay.

(If you pay with a credit card you will be asked for the ZIP code - zip code, simply enter zero 5 times )

How to navigate the subway:

nyc subway map and plan

First of all, it looks more complicated than it is. There are two types of trains Express and Local. On the map you can see white and black dots . Express and local trains stop at the white points, only local trains stop at the black points . There are two directions on the subway: Downtown (south) and Uptown (north). You can download the map onto your cell phone for free and use it in offline mode. MTA Subway Map App. Apple CLICK HERE - Android CLICK HERE

At the express stations, pay attention to whether you are boarding an express or local train.

Tips for a safe subway ride

  • Avoid the two furthest cars at either end, as the homeless and confused people often get in there. Get on the subway about in the middle, it's a little more crowded but safer
  • If one car is empty and the two next to it are full, there is a reason why you don't get in there. Usually someone has relieved themselves or something like that is going on
  • When you wait for the subway, stand with your back against the wall and away from the tracks so that none of the “confused” people get the idea to push you onto the tracks 
  • Never stare or make eye contact with conspicuous figures
  • Change cars at the next station if you are worried in one way or another 

From JFK to the city or vice versa, you can read how it works here

From Newark to the city or vice versa, you can read how it works here

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