10 top Graffiti und Wandgemälde in New York

10 top graffiti and murals in New York



World Trade Center 2 foundation sheathing

Imagine a city where graffiti is not illegal, a city where anyone can draw whatever they want. Where every street is flooded with millions of colors and phrases. Standing at a bus stop where it's never boring. A city that feels like a party to which everyone is invited, not just the real estate agents and barons of big companies. Imagine such a city and stop leaning against the wall - it is wet.


It all started in New York, more specifically in the Bronx. The gangs sprayed their graffiti signs on the corners of buildings to mark their territory. But then artists saw something beautiful in it and kids and others painted on walls, trains, subways and other conspicuous places during the 70's, which was dangerous and illegal at the time. You can find out more about this on the Bornx, Queens and Brooklyn Tour .

That's changed - if you need proof that street art is part of today's culture, look to the metal coating of the World Trade Center 2 foundation - the future skyscraper and one of the most expensive real estate in the world.

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10 Graffities in New York that are worth seeing

1. Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi


One of the most famous and favorite camera locations is in the Bronx. Of course we visit it on our Bornx, Queens and Brooklyn tour and get off the bus for a photo. The real New York - Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn tour is here .

3. Biggie Smalls

The famous New York rapper legend and one of the first rap superstars, called Biggi Smalls or Notories BIG, is a landmark of NYC and Brooklyn. This large mural can be found at the following address in Bushwick - 1091 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216.

4. Memorial to the 9/11 firefighters

A touching and huge mural by " Kobra " the famous Brazilian street artist honoring the firefighters of 9/11. You can find it on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 49th Street.

5. High Line Park, Statue of Liberty

6. Michael Jackson

The King of Pop souvenir can be found in the East Village , on the corner of 11th Street and 1st Avenue.

7. Ground Zero construction site

Artists Todd Gray, Hektad, BoogieRez, Stickymonger and husband and wife team Chinon Maria and Sebastian Miter have covered the structure in bright images inspired by pop art and anime, creating a welcome oasis of color in an area (the Financial District) where the palette , to put it mildly, is muted.

8. Johnson Avenue in Brooklyn

This industrial block in Bushwick offers prime wall space to street artists from around the world. A walk past the warehouses along the avenue takes you past colorful murals by Rime (aka Jersey Joe), Swiss artists Tones One and Host 18.

Johnson Avenue and Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn.

9. Original Banksy

One of my favorite pieces, an original Banksy , probably the most famous of all street artists. An anonymous Brit who only paints in a mask and who was wanted by the police for years until his graffiti was recognized as art.

You can find this one on the corner of 79th Street and Broadway. Street art isn't typically preserved under Plexiglas, but Banksy's Hammer Boy is an exception - one you might expect for an artist whose pieces have fetched a million dollars at auction. Another differentiator for Hammer Boy: It's on the Upper West Side, a more buttoned-up neighborhood not known for graffiti murals.

Hammer Boy, located on the outside wall of a DSW store, first appeared in 2013, and the building's owners knew it was an attraction. He protected it from vandalism and weather by screwing a Plexi board over it. The theme is typical Banksy - the silhouette of a child with a sledgehammer that appears to be hitting a real fire hydrant in front of the wall.

10. Big Pun

This tribute to popular Puerto Rican rapper Big Pun (aka Big Punisher, aka Christopher Lee Rios), who passed away in 2000, was created by Grax graffiti artists Tats Cru and is recreated each year on Pun's birthday, November 10th painted. It's a reminder of the deep connection between the community and Pun, the first Latino rapper to go platinum as a solo act. On our Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn tour we drive past the Graffitie.


The large hand graffiti is not far from the Apple Store and Central Park on 59th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenues.

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