10 Dinge die man in New York besser machen kann oder vermeiden sollte

10 things you can do better or avoid in New York

Things that you can do better or should avoid in New York
  • Once at the airport , I recommend: use the AirTrain subway , shuttles, taxis, and if you want a convenient service and can spend a little more, you can book a transfer with us. CLICK HERE
  1. Attention : Don't be fooled by the scammers, they offer you a transfer to the hotel in a black Lincoln limousine. Often they make up stories such as that the AirTrain is out of service or they give you a fixed price, when they get to the hotel they argue that it was the price per person, often double or triple the price, they also threaten to call the police.

  • Don't buy the electronic products in the stores in and around Times Square. In most cases the goods are overpriced, so it's better to shop at B & H or the Apple Store .

  • If you pay with your card, a “Tip” field will be open on the bill . There you can enter the desired amount, usually 20% of the total price, otherwise cross it out. On the other hand, the waitress can enter the amount there, it almost never happens, but there is no reason to take a risk.

  • Under no circumstances should you urinate on the street or drink alcohol , otherwise you could face a hefty fine and in some cases even a night in prison. You also have to appear before the court.

  • Don't use the pedicab, the bicycle version of the rickshaw on the streets of New York. They demand absurd amounts of money.

  • If you order a beer or a drink at the bar, it is customary to leave $1-2 per drink on the counter .

  • Be careful when taking photos of the costumed people in Times Square . If you take photos of them secretly or don't give them a tip after taking the photos, they can sometimes become aggressive.

  • If you are renting a house or apartment, it is best to do so through a secure site such as Airbnb. You can find more information about Airbnb in New York here. CLICK HERE

  • Avoid exchanging money in exchange offices , it is better to withdraw money from ATMs. There you only pay a small fee of $3-5 and can therefore save a lot of money.

We are on site 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm if you need our help, 324 W 47th Street, NY 10036 (between 8th and 9th Ave., 4 minutes from Times Square)

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