Kleine Dinge die zu berücksichtigen sind, bevor Ihr ein Hotel in New York bucht

Little things to consider before booking a hotel in New York

hotel rooms in new york what to consider

A few suggestions about what you should consider before booking the hotel:

  • First, make sure all taxes and fees are displayed and included before booking. Some portals don't include them, others do.
  • Remember, it is common practice in New York for a security deposit to be charged to your credit card upon check-in. The amount is “locked” and released at the end of the vacation. It can be used to cover damages or the cost of the mini bar. Typically an amount of $50 to $200.

  • Keep in mind that the rooms in New York are usually smaller , the photos are not "realistic", always check the square footage beforehand.

  • Between a very large room with no view and a small room with a view, which would you choose? I recommend you give priority to the outlook, it's what makes New York so irresistible. But it depends on you, some people prefer to have more freedom of movement and I get it.

  • If it's your first trip to New York and you're touristy in nature, choose the midtown location . If you're young and looking for "life", choose one of the hotels in the Meatpacking District, Lower East Side or Soho. If you're looking to save money, consider options across the East River: usually Long Island City or Williamsburg (although that's almost equal to Brooklyn). I would avoid New Jersey, the Bronx and Staten Island because it's harder to get around. I would also avoid areas that are deep in Queens and Brooklyn, if so make sure there is a nearby subway line.

  • Before you book on the portals , always check the hotel website. A special incentive could be offered. Usually there is no difference in price, but rather a bonus is offered, such as a room with a view or breakfast.

  • If you are here in the summer, consider the option of a pool. Always a great treat to relax on a rooftop in New York.

  • Check beforehand whether Wi-Fi is included in the price. It's not always obvious. On most portals it is always stated below the room description.

  • If you have to pay extra for breakfast, it is cheaper to buy it outside the hotel , there are always plenty of options .

  • Always remember to check the check-in time, usually 3 p.m., and the check-out time, when you have to leave the room, usually 11 a.m. or noon. Some hotels offer "late check-out", usually 3 or 4 p.m., late check-out, just ask at reception.

  • All hotels offer luggage storage even after check-out, so you can spend a little time in the Big Apple before arriving at the airport.

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