Wetter, Zeitunterschied und andere wichtige Details zu New York

Weather, time difference and other important details about New York

Before planning your trip to New York, it's good to know a few things that will make your planning easier and at the same time make your stay better.

A few banal things that are helpful.

Time difference:

  • The time difference between Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc. (Central European Time) and New York is 6 hours . Since the sun rises in the east, the night falls later in New York than in Europe, for example if it is 2 p.m. in Berlin and Vienna, it is 8 a.m. in New York. I've written down how you can best manage the time difference here .

AM and PM:

  • This brings us to another thing that is different and takes some getting used to but is important. AM is the time from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and PM is from 12:00 p.m. to midnight . Personally, I remembered it with my own mnemonic, which was strange but effective for me, maybe it will help you too, otherwise you will remember it differently. I remembered AM as "in the morning" and PM as "past midday".


  • This is probably the most frequently asked question that I can only guess. Rough:
    • Winter is usually from November to the end of mid-March (December, January and February are usually the coldest months)
    • Summer is from late May to late September (July and August are particularly humid and hot)
    • Spring from late March to late May
    • Fall from late September to mid-November (foliage colors in Central Park are at their best around early to mid-November)
  • A more detailed description with statistics can be found here .

Cheapest travel time:

  • Mid-January to the end of February are the cheapest months with the lowest hotel prices. The most expensive month is December when the city is decorated for Christmas and looks wonderful. You can find tips before booking a hotel here . You can find tips on flights here .

When to reserve tickets and tours:

  • Certain things such as Boradway and concert tickets, sporting events, etc. Helicopter flights, popular tours such as the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, rooftop tour, panoramic night tour, Dyker Heights Christmas lights are best ordered as early as possible. You can also purchase all passes a little later or on site at our travel center .

How to get to and from the airport:

  • The first thing you have to do when you arrive is the transfer from the airport to the hotel. Here are all the variants and detailed information. JFK and EEA .
  • While we're at it, this is how subway riding works CLICK
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