Tipps für deinen ersten Trip nach New York

Tips for your first trip to New York

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  • Choosing a hotel in New York is not that easy, location, price, comfort. You can find tips on our website meintripnachnewyork.com , simply enter “hotels” in the search. CLICK
  • Don't take a lot with you when you arrive, you'll be doing a lot of shopping in the city. Pack a few small things that you need for everyday life in your hand luggage because your suitcase sometimes arrives late. Shopping Tips: CLICK HERE
  • If you're visiting at Christmas , the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour is a must. We go there every day at 4:30 p.m. throughout December. CLICK
  • Remember that the climate in New York is extreme in both summer and winter. Summer days in particular are difficult for Europeans. While the temperatures outside are high and humid, buildings and means of transport are very air-conditioned. Always carry a vest or light sweater with you.
  • Buy a FlexPass (CLICK HERE) , this includes the most important sights. It will make a lot of things easier for you and simplify your time organization. Visit the Statue of Liberty in the morning before 11 a.m., there is no point in climbing the crown. You can visit the Empire with the pass, but also all other platforms such as Edge, One World Trade Center and Top of the Rock. The 86th floor on the Empire is sufficient, there is no need to climb to the higher floor. Save museums for rainy days, if there are any.
  • German bread, in case you miss it, is called “sourdough bread.”
  • Don't try to stay in and around Times Square all the time . We have several tours that take place outside of Manhattan. 1) Tour-Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn (CLICK HERE) 2) Buddy's Cake World and New Jersey Tour (CLICK HERE) . Something you should experience is Harlem, the heart of African American culture and song. The Harlem Gospel Tour is therefore not just for religious people. (CLICK HERE)
  • Be a conqueror for a day and walk aimlessly through Manhattan, it's an island and there's no escape.
  • Try not to go to bed early, it's the city that never sleeps. Take an afternoon nap in the park or hotel. The crazy people come out at night , you don't want to miss them.
  • For Broadway shows there are low-coast ticket offices in Times Square and Bryant Park, where you can get last-minute tickets up to 40% cheaper. If you want to feel the true magic of Broadway then The Lion King is the place to be, such musicals sell out well in advance. (CLICK HERE)
  • A wonderful opportunity to take a day trip to some nearby towns and take a sometimes much needed break from the most powerful city. Visit Washington (CLICK HERE) , Philadelphia (CLICK HERE) or Boston (CLICK HERE) . If you can handle being away from New York for two days, then Niagara Falls (CLICK HERE) is worth a trip. Don't make the trip by plane in one day. So you miss the breathtaking waterfalls at night and the drive through the land of opportunity, away from the big cities.
  • The open double-decker buses, hop on hop off, are one way to explore Manhattan. (CLICK HERE) , even better on foot and by subway, weekly ticket costs “only” $31 in comparison. How to navigate the subway CLICK HERE
  • Don't buy the souvenirs in the tourist areas, for example in Little Italy there are nice little shops where you can buy great things for a good price. When ordering a hot dog, always ask the price beforehand, never pay more than $3.
  • If you're 21 or older, don't miss the Rooftop Tour "Over the Rooftops of New York" (CLICK HERE) . If you are on a family trip then a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset is a great experience, we also have a tour about it CLICK HERE
  • Century 21 has great designer bargains, on Fifth Ave. There are numerous boutiques lined up, the shops in SoHo offer something for every budget and then of course there are the two large outlets , I have compared Woodbury (tickets CLICK HERE) and New Jersey Garden Malls for you. (CLICK HERE)
  • Drinking alcohol on the street is forbidden, it's called the Open Container Law. You haven't been arrested for this offense in Manhattan for a year, but you may still be in other boroughs. The fine is $25. You have to appear in court and plead guilty. If you miss the court date or plead not guilty and lose, you will be in a lot of trouble.
  • Central Park, after all the size of the state of Monaco, is best explored by bike and if you can let your legs wander to the west side on the bike path along the Hudson, it is breathtaking, especially in summer. You can rent bikes here. (CLICK HERE)
  • For little money, art lovers among you can buy something unique in the small art shops in Chelsea Market, it's worth a trip.
  • “Artichoke” is the answer. If you want to try a piece of New York, a pizza that was created on Staten Island, then you've come to the right place. $5 a slice, probably the tastiest piece of pizza you've ever eaten. You will find several shops scattered all over the city.
  • Burgers are a must, Emily is my number one choice, Shake Shack is every visitor's number one choice. But take a look for yourself CLICK HERE
  • You can find beautiful women, rich men, glamor at TAO Downtown or leave the planning to us, Sex and the City evening (CLICK HERE)
  • America's favorite brunch , I recommend Sweet Cheek on the Lower East Side.
  • Don't miss a trip to Roosevelt Island , you can get there by cable car which costs the same as a subway ride, which is also included in your subway weekly ticket.
  • If you have children , Coney Island Amusement Park is a moral obligation.
  • Avoid buying electronics at the stores near Times Square, go to B&H or Best Buy.
  • A sunset walk on the High Line will be remembered forever or the sunset cruise CLICK HERE
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Lieben Dank für die tollen Infos . Fliege seid 2012 jedes Jahr nach NYaber habe trotzdem viele Tipps von euch gelernt .Ich liebe die direkt videos von Sanel ,schade dass ich euch nicht früher kennengelernt habe . Bis bald ,am 8Juli ist es wieder so weit.Freue mich schon auf die Jazz kreutzfahrt , das habe ich noch nie gemacht . Tschüss und macht weiter so. Liliane Scheck

Scheck Liliane

Super Tipps. War erst einmal da, will aber unbedingt mit meinem Lebenspartner nochmal hin

ISolde Schmid-Brendle

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