Even though New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, you can land many bargains or save a lot of money in advance through good planning and alternative offers . I have put together a few alternatives and savings options for you.

subway ticket

Subway week ticket instead of hop on hop off

The subway is safe, runs 24 hours a day and reaches almost every corner of New York. The weekly ticket is worth it for eleven trips or more , so you can travel on the subway for seven days without limit, one of the best offers if you want to get from A to B cheaply. Alternatively you can use the hop on hop off bus . ( Hop on Hop off ticket, CLICK HERE ).

Tip: In my opinion, the best way to get to know the city and the real New York is to get a Subway week ticket in conjunction with our Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn tour . The weekly ticket also includes the cable car ride to Roosevelt Island.

staten island ferry statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty - Staten Island Ferry

The ferry that goes from the southern tip of Manhattan to Staten Island is free and takes about 25 minutes one way. The distance to the statue is about 800m-1km.

The better options to see the statue are

  • Trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (For tickets and more information CLICK HERE )
  • Sunset Cruise with Live Jazz (For tickets and more information CLICK HERE )
  • Circle Line, a boat trip around part of the island (For tickets and more information CLICK HERE )
  • Both are also included in the City Pass (For more information and the pass CLICK HERE )
observation deck new york

Alternatives to viewing platforms

The city is most impressive seen from above. In New York there are great observation decks, the most famous ones

  • Empire State Building , from there you have the most beautiful view at night ( ticket CLICK HERE )
  • One World Trade Center is the newest platform and an experience in itself ( ticket CLICK HERE )

Instead of going to Rockefeller Center, there are two alternative options:

  1. Salon de Ning at The Peninsula Hotel , 700 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, a rooftop bar/restaurant with great views of 5th Ave. and Central Park, also permitted for minors.
  2. Metropolitan Museum also has a rooftop where you stand in the middle of Central Park with an incredible view of the skyline. (Museum is included in the City Pass CLICK HERE )
breakfast new york

Breakfast not in the hotel instead in a bakery, diner or on the street cart

The breakfast in the hotel is mostly expensive and not very varied. For less money you can get better food in one of the bakeries, I have listed a few of them here CLICK HERE , there are diners or small shops everywhere, the so-called bodegas, which usually offer breakfast on special offer, and finally the street carts which only offer coffee and pastries Offers are very cheap, for example you can find one on the corner of 47th and 8th Ave. just a few steps away from our travel center .

The best hotel deals in New York

city ​​pass new york

City Pass instead of New York Pass

The New York Pass offers a large number of activities and tickets, the price varies depending on the period, 1-7 days and 10 days are possible. (More information and purchase opportunity CLICK HERE ).

The City Pass offers 9 main attractions, with you having to choose between the last 6. CLICK HERE

Personally, I’m not a fan of the New York Pass. In order to get your money out of the New York Pass, you have to do a lot in a short period of time, the fun can fall by the wayside or it is often cheaper or more pleasant to purchase the City Pass and add individual tickets for the other activities acquire. The comparison of the two passes can be found CLICK HERE.

century 21 new york outlet department store

Shopping Century 21 instead of Woodbury

The outlet center in Woodbury is unbeatable, it has a wide range of brands, the prices are moderate and everything can be found in one place. ( Woodbury Tickets CLICK HERE )

Before you go to Woodbury you can visit the large outlet department store Century 21 , 21 Dey St, New York, NY 10007, in Manhattan.

Another alternative is the outlet mall in New Jersey , The Mills at Jersey Gardens. Here you can read how to get there and compare the two outlets. CLICK HERE

rooftop bar new york nyc


New York is not called the city that never sleeps for nothing, it is probably the place with the most exciting nightlife on the planet , but the prices are correspondingly high, but who doesn't want to spend a wild night in New York. A drink in a trendy bar costs an average of 17-20 US dollars , plus the New York bouncers are famous for their “NO”. The entry criteria are very strict depending on the evening, bar, club or rooftop. The most famous area for nightlife is the former slaughterhouse district called - Meatpacking -

If you want to save money and avoid the entry criteria then you have the option of taking one of our nightlife tours . We have something for everyone.

Whether the rooftop tour ( CLICK HERE ), where you can enjoy your drink with a great view. Three drinks, entrance fees, tour guide and transport are included in the price.

The time when alcohol was banned and secret bars emerged, the Prohibitions Tour ( CLICK HERE ).

If you want to explore the clubs of the Big Apple ( CLICK HERE ).

All of our nightlife tours can be found here CLICK HERE

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