Erstbesuch in New York, Sehenswürdigkeiten die man gesehen haben muss

First visit to New York, must-see sights

When looking for the best things to do on your first visit to New York, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. It is one of the largest metropolises on the planet with the most visitors. Even I, who have lived here for 10 years, sometimes feel lost with the huge offer and have to think about it for a moment. So that this is easy for you and you don't miss anything, I have a list of things, most of which you should have done or seen if possible if time allows on your first visit .

1. Central Park

Here "Harry and Sally" argued, Kevin Alone in New York had a warm hug with the pigeon lady and Spiderman aka Peter Park comes here for a date. Many love stories in movies and real life end or begin here. 40 million people visit the park every year and you should also be part of these statistics. A detailed description of Central Park can be found here .

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2. Times Square

The nickname of this place is "The Center of the Universe", New Yorkers avoid Times Square as if they could get the plague there, I love it, I don't know any place where I see so many happy people gathered in one place, numbering in the millions to marvel at from advertising signs.

3. Empire State Building

The most famous skyscraper in the world, where King Kong escaped with the love of his life, making this building New York's greatest icon. If you haven't been up here when you visit New York, you haven't really been to New York. Save yourself the queue and buy the tickets here beforehand or, better for first-time visitors, FelxPass , entry is included in the pass.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

New York has 5 major bridges: Manhattan, Williamsburg, Queensboro, Verezzano and George Washington Bridge and then there is one bridge that is more than just a bridge: Brooklyn Bridge! It was the first large suspension bridge on the planet and first a ringmaster had to walk over it with 21 elephants to convince people of its stability. The views are incredible and a walk across the bridge is a MUST, something you can't miss! Best at the end of our Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn tour .

5. Statue of Liberty

The symbol of freedom worldwide and for good reason it stands in the melting pot of this earth, or rather in front of it, and welcomes everyone. A trip to New York is not complete without visiting this lady; it is not without reason that she is the most visited attraction in the world. Tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are available here and you'll save yourself the hassle of queuing at the ticket office.

6. One World Trade Center

It is the tallest building in the city and you are allowed to go to the top floor. The elevator ride alone is worth the money. I love the sunset up there, the sun setting behind the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River, I don't have the right words to describe it. The only thing I can say about it is that you should see it. Tickets are tied to time and date, reserve early, especially if you want to be up there at sunset. Tickets are available here and are also included in the FlexPass .

While you're there, check out the touching 9/11 Memorial, which is free, or the 9/11 Museum, tickets for the museum are available here, also included in the FlexPass .

7. Subway ride

It's show time! My #1 personal means of transport because every journey has the potential to become an experience that I won't forget or never want to experience again. Apart from the fact that it is the cheapest, the most environmentally friendly after the bike, but also the fastest means of transport, assuming it runs smoothly, it is a true New York experience. Single ticket costs $2.75, a weekly ticket costs $32. Under no circumstances should you go home without taking a selfie underground. You can find out how the subway works, how to navigate it and how to buy a ticket here .

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8. Soho and West Village

It's not surprising that most of the superstars live here, it's probably the most beautiful part of Manhattan. In addition to the numerous shops and restaurants, you will also find great architecture and the most interesting characters in New York here. Tourists stop here just along Broadway or take a picture in front of the apartment of Sex and the City main character "Carrie", wander around the side streets or on Bleeker Street, you will feel like you are in a movie.

9. Rooftop Bar

It's no secret that I love rooftop bars the most. For me the icing on the cake is New York, where else can you enjoy your drink with a view of Empire and other skyscrapers. Spend an evening at one of the city's many rooftops, or better yet, join our Rooftop Tour and visit three beautiful rooftops, 3 drinks, transportation, entrance fees and tour guide included in the price of just $69.

10. Rockefeller Plaza

During the Christmas season, New York is a winter wonderland and the center is at Rockefeller Plaza where the most famous Christmas tree in the world stands and overlooks the most famous ice skating rink on the planet, but also during all other seasons this place is worth a visit and the observation deck is Top of the Rock with a breathtaking view of Central Park. If you're in New York during the holiday season, don't miss our Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour. Tickets for Top of the Rock are available here .

11. Grand Central

I promise you it will be the most beautiful train station you have ever visited that feels anything but a train station. Look in the basement, there is a lot to eat there including a Shake Shack. You can take a great souvenir photo from the stairs of the Apple Store.

12. A cruise

The skyline seen from the water cannot be compared with anything, I find it even more exciting at night with the millions of lighters, but that's a matter of taste. Definitely take a boat trip, either for free with the Staten Island Ferry or one of the many cruises we offer such as Bateaux New York Dinner Cruise , or Circle Line . Then there's the new ferry network, East River Ferry, only $2.75 per trip. You can read how this works here .

13. Broadway show

The most famous street in the world "Broadway" and she came to fame with the shows. They are a large part of New York and have transformed the climate from the former red light district to Disney Land's Times Square. Every year, 15 million people attend the shows, a billion-dollar business. You can find tickets for the show at reduced prices on our website or in Times Square at the red stairs, where it's a matter of luck what you get and what is reduced at that time. I have written down a few tips for you here on how you can get tickets cheaper, click here .

14. High Line Park

After I saw that people in New York were even making money with old rails, today's High Line Park , I decided to start my company. Both projects turned out great and to this day I walk the park once a week, it's my favorite walk in New York, you should definitely do it too and at the end go to Chelsea Market and eat a donut from "Doughnuttery". You can find out more about visiting High Line Park here .

Here are also the Hudson Yards and The Vessel, as well as the new glass-floor viewing platform "Egde" - tickets are available here.

15. Wall Street

A photo with the bull, the exact address can be found here , or his privates (I have found it particularly popular with women and Japanese business people) is a must for every New York visitor. Around the corner is the most famous trading exchange in the world, Wall Street, and there are also beautiful photo opportunities such as the large American flag or George Washington, the first president of the USA.


summit viewing platform new york

Sure, you've seen the city from different angles before - we have many skyscrapers that offer expansive views but this one is spectacular: SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. The Midtown attraction, according to a bold claim in the press release, offers a “euphoric, multi-sensory experience.” Offering more than just views, the entire space spans 6,000 square meters but has been designed to appear limitless.

Part observatory, part immersive experience, part sensory room, part mirror-laden selfie church, the four levels look like they were designed to let the city wash over you. The experience even comes with a dizzying glass floor, perfect for the person who just wants to feel everything. Tickets are available here .

What to do on rainy days

When it rains like it did today, New York still has plenty of activities to offer. Here are some suggestions for what you can do on rainy days

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