Drei oder vier Tage New York, was sehen - Prioritäten und Budget

Three or four days in New York, what to see - priorities and budget

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First of all, I have good news and bad news, the bad first: you won't be able to see New York in its entirety, no matter how long your stay is. The good thing is: you will definitely come back.

Here are a few tips and ideas if you stop in New York for a few days while passing through or pay a short visit to New York for three or four days.

Arrival - Day 1

Most flights from Europe arrive in the late morning or early afternoon. You are in the city that never sleeps, meaning you have the afternoon, evening and night ahead of you, you can catch up on sleep somewhere else. You can erase the 6-hour time difference with a strong New York coffee from Starbucks, dunking donuts or, for the connoisseurs among you, in a stylish New York authentic cafe. The best cafes in New York .

But first you have to get from the airport to the city . You can find out what options are available to you, how it works and what is most suitable for you here.

airport transfer

After checking into your hotel , hit the streets to explore. There are unlimited options available to you: Times Square, 5th Avenue with its many shops and boutiques, Broadway, Central Park, Columbus Circle are just a few of the options. My suggestion is to choose the place that you are most excited about or looking forward to.

In the evening you can eat something in one of the small New York typical restaurants in Hells Kittchen, 46th Street between 8th and 10th Ave. or burgers and fries at Shake Shack on the corner of 8th Ave and 44th Street and then be enchanted by the lights of Times Square.

For those of you who want to immerse yourself in the nightlife on the first evening, there is the option, depending on the day, to explore New York's nightclubs .

nightclubs in new york

View from Brooklyn

Exploration and Orientation - Day 2

Needless to say, you can only see a fraction of the city and its attractions in three days. The best way to get an overview and learn why New York is so special, what sets this metropolis apart from all other cities in the world, what is actually meant when New York is called a melting pot, is on the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn tour.

The tour ends in Little Italy , where there are the so-called “ Lunch Specials” where you can get a great meal for little money for New York standards. China Town is also adjacent there and you can get cheap souvenirs such as I LOVE NEW YORK T-shirts. A little further south is Wall Street and the Financial District , not far from the 9/11 Memorial and the Oculus. We recommend visiting the tallest building in the city, One World Trade Center , as all tickets are scheduled and time-bound, so you can avoid the queue. It is important to purchase your tickets here before you arrive. CLICK

Why are you never too tired, at least the fairer sex. That's right, shopping ! At the end of the day, you can go to Century 21 opposite the 1WTC, the shop is open until 10 p.m. and before you fall dead tired in the hotel, pick out a few cheap and nice clothes, designer or not.

rooftop in new york, rooftop tour

The best for last - day 3

It's your last day, you're a little depressed, New York is quickly growing on you and leaving the city isn't easy. Therefore, a proper start to the day is necessary. American breakfast , pancakes, waffles, eggs and bacon in a diner that blows away any sadness, for example the Applejack Diner on Broadway and 55th Street , where all the stars come after the shows.

From there, Columbus Circle and Central Park are just a stone's throw away. Take a walk and take a few souvenir photos and then enjoy a 2-hour boat ride around the island of Manhattan , past the Statue of Liberty. CLICK

As always, the highlite and big bang is saved for last. Be a New Yorker for an evening, dress up nicely and enjoy a cocktail in a good mood, with a fantastic view, from the rooftops of the Big Apple. The rooftop tour will remain in your memory forever. It starts at 7 p.m., you go to three rooftops and spend a little more than an hour on each terrace. A free drink is included on every rooftop.

rooftop tour

Departure - Day 4

You should plan to leave the city for the airport about 4 hours before departure. Beforehand you can spontaneously stroll through the streets and recite the atmosphere.

Tip : For short visits, the City Pass KLICK or, in my opinion, the already completely overpriced New York Pass KLICK are usually not necessary.

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