Die berühmteste Skyline des Planeten - Hochhäuser und berühmte Bauten in New York

The most famous skyline on the planet - high-rise buildings and famous buildings in New York

New York skyline

NYC, southern tip of Manhattan

New York is a vertical city and the invention of the elevator is responsible for this. In 1852, Elisha Otis invented the first “safety elevator,” which had a safety catch in the event of a cable break. A short time later - in 1857 - the first passenger elevator was opened to the public in the EV Haughwout Building in New York City.

EV Haughwout Building in SoHo

The upper floors used to be reserved for poor people, but things changed with the invention of the elevator. The upper floors became particularly attractive as they offered more beautiful and better views, more natural light, better air and less street noise.

The tallest buildings in New York

1. One World Trade Center

541 meters

2. Central Park Tower

472 meters

3. 111 West 57th Street

435 meters

427 meters

5. 432 Park Ave

426 meters

387 meters

7. Empire State Building

381 meters

9. Bank of America

366 meters

10. 3 World Trade Center

329 meters

11. 53W53

320 meters

12.Chrysler Building

319 meters

13. The New York Times

319 meters

14. 35 Hudson Yards

308 meters

The most famous buildings in New York

  1. Empire State Building

    350 Fifth Avenue, between West 33rd and West 34th Streets, New York

    The Empire State Building, completed in 1931, is 102 stories high and was the tallest building in the world for 41 years at 381 meters. It was only built within 14 months. For a long time it was called the “Empty State Building” because the skyscraper stood empty for many years.

  2. Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge, 10038 Brooklyn, NY (Subway station: Brooklyn Bridge City Hall on the Manhattan side.)

    The Brooklyn Bridge is probably one of the most famous and popular monuments in New York. The bridge stretches over the East River and connects the two NYC districts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is considered one of the greatest technical masterpieces of the 19th century and measures a total length of 1.9 km. The most striking features are the "bridge gates" - gates to which the wire ropes are attached. The German-born architect John Augustus Roebling did not live to see its completion, nor did his son Washington Agustus Roebling, his daughter-in-law, who completed the construction of the masterpiece.

  3. Chrysler Building

    Lexington Avenue 42nd Street, New York

    The skyscraper was built for the automobile manufacturer Chrysler , which had the building decorated with many details from its vehicles. The eagle wings, for example, are reminiscent of the hood ornaments of the vehicles back then. The building's striking top is covered in stainless steel from Germany and the balcony-like indentations are built to reflect sunlight. It is the tallest brick building in the world and, for me and many others, the most beautiful building in New York.

  4. The Dakota

    1 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023, New York

    The Dakota is one of the most famous apartment buildings in New York. The idea of ​​building an apartment building with luxury apartments was a revolutionary idea at the time and very unusual, as wealthier families always had their own house with their own land. John Lennon was murdered in front of the building, and to this day the Dakota is a discreet VIP enclave. What goes on behind the listed façade remains a carefully guarded mystery to this day.

  5. Waldorf Astoria Hotel

    301 Park Avenue, New York

    Wealthy millionaire William Waldorf Astor built the first Waldorf Hotel , on the site where the Empire State Building now stands. Four years later, his relative John Jacob Astor built an adjacent Astoria Hotel , which were soon connected by a walkway known as Peacock Alley. In Peacock Alley, the fine ladies strolled back and forth between the hotels. In 1929 it was closed and demolished. It wasn't until 1931 that the joint Waldorf-Astoria Hotel opened on Park Avenue. The towers house 500 luxury apartments and are also referred to as a “hotel within a hotel”.

    The Waldorf Astoria has hosted many celebrities: every US president since Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), Paris and Nicky Hilton grew up in the Waldorf-Astoria and Marilyn Monroe has also been a guest here. A Chinese investment company has taken over the hotel and it is currently being renovated.

  6. Guggenheim Museum

    1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128

    The world-renowned art museum is best known for its spectacular architecture. One of the most famous American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, is responsible for the building, for which he was inspired by natural forms found in nature.

    Not only was the architecture new, but also that visitors no longer walked from room to room, but were guided through the exhibition from bottom to top in a single, spiral corridor.

  7. Grand Central Terminal

    89 E 42nd Street, New York

    Grand Central Terminal is still the largest and probably most famous train station in the world. It is the symbol of the racing, yet majestic pulse of the Big Apple. The huge, magnificent building has already become the star of many Hollywood films, for example in films such as Around the World in 80 Days , Cotton Club and The Invisible Third .

    The official name is Grand Central Terminal. Nevertheless, New Yorkers and visitors have always called it Grand Central Station. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel even had its own train platform, which President Franklin D. Roosevelt used, among others. You could be taken through a secret passage from the hotel to the train track without being seen.

  8. statue of Liberty

    Liberty Island, New York

    The Most Wonderful Gift Ever: France gave the United States a gift that symbolized freedom and independence and continues to welcome immigrants, travelers and returning Americans to this day. An icon known around the world that represents freedom and America. The Lady is made of copper and stands 45 meters high.

  9. Flatiron Building

    5th Avenue and 23rd Street, New York

    Once the tallest building in the city, it is one of the oldest remaining skyscrapers in Manhattan. The building owes its name to the triangular shape, which is reminiscent of an iron. The characteristic shape comes from the fact that it stands at the V-shaped intersection of the world-famous streets Broadway 51 and Fifth Avenue 66 and was designed according to the Greek three-pillar principle. The brown-gray bricks combined with the terracotta decorations create a romantic, rustic appearance.

    The shape of the building changes depending on the perspective: up close, the skyscraper looks like a huge, free-standing column. However, if you stand to the side of the building, it actually looks as flat as a sheet of paper. In addition to photographers and artists who were inspired by the triangle structure, the Flatiron Building has been featured in blockbusters such as Spider Man , Godzilla and Armageddon .

  10. Plaza Hotel

    768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

    It's booming! Any other term would not be worthy of the Plaza. The fascinating Plaza Hotel has stood for many years in one of the most outstanding locations (directly by Central Park). The style imitates the French castle style of the Middle Ages.

    Home Alone 2 (Kevin Alone in New York) was filmed here and made the already famous Plaza an icon. Children and adults alike still flock to the building to this day, especially at Christmas time, where many things are reminiscent of the film.

  11. Woolworth Building

    233 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

    The building cost owner Franklin Winfield Woolworth $13.5 million, which he paid for in cash (!) in 1913. This famous building is now an impressive 102 years old and is intended to be reminiscent of European Gothic cathedrals. The opening proves the importance of the building even back then: At that time, President Woodrow Wilson illuminated the Woolworth Building via remote control from Washington DC. It was the tallest building in the world from 1913-1930 and was considered the eighth wonder of the world. To this day it is referred to as the “cathedral of commerce”.

    In the film The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio, character Nick Carrey works in the Woolworth Building. In many old photos (especially postcards) before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011, the Twin Towers were often photographed so that the Woolworth Building could be seen right between them.

  12. St Patrick's Cathedral

    5th Avenue, between East 50th and East 51st Streets, New York

    St. Patrick's Cathedral is the largest Gothic Revival cathedral in the United States. The impressive church was built entirely from white marble and is somewhat reminiscent of European churches, such as Cologne Cathedral. A special highlight of the architecture is the large rose window that lies between the two main towers.

    The foundation stone of the impressive church was laid in 1858, but it took 20 years before the gates opened. Nine more years later, the two church spiers were completed.

  13. Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art

    1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

    The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art is the largest art museum in the United States, welcoming over five million visitors per year. The art historical collection includes more than two million works, divided into 17 departments. There is even a covered sculpture garden in the museum. The foundation stone was laid in 1880 and numerous additions were added over the years.

    On the roof of the museum there is a rooftop terrace that offers breathtaking views of Central Park and the skyline.

All boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island

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