Alle Drehorte des berühmten Film "Kevin alleine in New York"

All filming locations of the famous film "Kevin Alone in New York"

Kevin alone in New York, filming location for the most famous Christmas film


Kevin Alone in New York: One of those sequels that does justice to the previous film. Why? Instead of being set in the Chicago suburbs, the beloved 1992 classic takes place in the most festive city of the holiday season.

Macaulay Caulkin, Kevin, is separated from his family again during the happiest time of the year. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern return as villains Harry and Marv, who had recently escaped from prison and stolen some money from a toy store for Christmas - before meeting Kevin in the Big Apple and deciding to seek revenge.

From the Plaza and Central Park to the World Trade Center and a townhouse, here's the ultimate geographical guide to where the film takes place in New York City.

And hey: "Merry Christmas you disgusting skunk! And happy New Year."

The ultimate tour in New York during the holiday season, only from Dec. 1 - Jan. 3

1. LaGuardia Airport

Kevin alone in New York

Our first view of New York City is through the window of La Guardia Airport. Kevin is separated from his family at O'Hare and searches for batteries in his father's suitcase. (Yes, that was for his super blocky gray tape recorder.) When he looked up, he had lost her and was following another man in a brown coat onto a plane bound for LGA instead of MIA. Kevin asks an airport employee, "This is an emergency. What city is that?" The answer: "This is New York, sir." Kevin: "Yikes, I did it again."

2. Pepsi-Cola sign

Pepsi Cola sign

At the airport, Kevin looks out at Long Island City's Pepsi-Cola sign and the East River skyline. The screen flashes to and from various cityscapes. We get a sense of the enormity of the place and the tinyness of this child. At first Kevin nervously says, "Oh no, my family is in Florida and I'm in New York." Then he smiles. "My family is in Florida. I'm in New York."

3. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

Kevin still has his father's carry-on luggage, which contains a credit card and an envelope with cash. Of course, that means a yellow taxi over the 59th Street Bridge into the city. Grinning, Kevin leans out the back window in his striped winter hat and you get the feeling that we're all in for an exciting time.

4. Radio City Music Hall

In addition to his video camera, Kevin also has a Polaroid camera. First things first: He visits the sights. Back in the Chicago suburbs, he previously said: "Who wants to spend Christmas in a tropical climate? ... If I had my own money, I would have my own vacation. Alone, without you. And I would have the most fun of mine have a whole life." First Radio City.

5. Empire Diner

Kevin goes to the Empire Diner in Chelsea which is still there 25 years later and picks up a flyer from a Santa Claus on stilts.

6. Quong Yuen Shing & Co.

At this store on Mott Street in Chinatown (now closed), Kevin picks up two packs of fireworks. Pro Tip: If you find yourself unexpectedly unattended, it's a good idea to buy something explosive.

7. Battery Park

Then it's down to Battery Park, where Kevin looks out at the harbor through these old-school binoculars.

8. Statue of Liberty

Of course, he sees Lady Liberty through these lenses. Symbolic because he is free from his family. Not lost in New York, rather independent and enjoying a great time.

9. World Trade Center

Kevin marches up the steps of the old World Trade Center complex, nine years before her disappearance. He goes to the viewing platform of the south tower and photographs the view. Again, we get the feeling that this is a smart but naive kid from the Midwest having a nice day while being a little underwhelmed by the big city.

10. Fulton Fish Market

At the Miami airport, security tells Kevin's parents that it's unlikely he'll be anywhere and is probably still stuck in Chicago. The camera pans to South Street Seaport's former Fulton Fish Market (which moved to Hunts Point in 2005). He crosses the street with a backpack that Kevin is dragging. Meanwhile, a white truck turns around, honks its horn, and the truck bed door opens to reveal Harry and Marv. They recently escaped from prison and are stowing a shipment of seafood on ice.

11. 57th Street Subway Stop

Harry and Marv avoid the dead fish and find their way to Midtown via the N/Q subway line. Marv supports changing their nickname from the Wet Bandits (so called because they left the water running in the houses they robbed and flooded them) to the Sticky Bandits. He dips a hand covered in duct tape into a charity collectors bucket. To which Harry replies, "Did you escape from prison to rob 14 cents from a Santa Claus?"

12. Central Park

Kevin calls from an Upper West Side phone booth and tells the police that the thieves who robbed Duncan's Toy Chest will be at the park on 95th Street. "Look for fireworks. You have a gun." Then he slips on an icy surface and the dastardly duo leads him into the park. Ultimately, the “Pigeon Lady” throws bird seed at the sticky “Sticky Bandits.” The flocks of pigeons pick on the two of them and Kevin is able to set off fireworks to alert the police to their presence. In the bag of stolen money, he leaves Polaroids of the boys in the toy store and the tape recording of Marv explaining the plan. The money is taken to the hospital as planned, and Mr. Duncan realizes that Kevin was responsible.

13. Grand Army Plaza

Kevin comes out of the park and makes his way to his accommodation. The statue at Grand Army Plaza shows the way across the street to the hotel. Marv and Harry meet Kevin at the busy intersection on 59th Street.

14. The Plaza Hotel

Before leaving Chicago, Kevin had heard a commercial for "the world-renowned Plaza Hotel, the most exciting hotel experience in New York." Of course, he goes there with his father's credit card in his hand. With a little cunning persuasion he gets a room (No. 411, for those who want to know exactly). The kid gets a huge bed and bathroom, orders a sundae through room service, and water bombs in the hotel pool while trying to convince the hotel staff that his father is actually with him. In the room he watches the parody of the James Cagney/Humphrey Bogart film Angels With Dirty Faces, in which the famous words are uttered: "Merry Christmas you disgusting skunk! And a happy New Year."

15. Wollman Rink

Harry and Marv are at Wollman Rink at the south end of Central Park. Marv skates on the ice and falls while Harry reads the newspaper and plans how they could get some money. During the holidays, Harry says, "the only stores that will have money available are those that sell moderately priced goods." He points to a full-page ad for Duncan's Toy Chest. "There's no one stupid enough to rob a toy store on Christmas Eve," Harry jokes. Marv replies, "Oh yes, there is someone," and points to them both.

16. Duncan's Toy Chest

Once Kevin has settled in, he orders a limousine to eat pizza in and calls the driver from the back seat to ask about a good toy store. He ends up at Duncan's Toy Chest, the kiddie wonderland. In real life, Duncan's is the former FAO Schwarz where the Apple Store is today. (Since FAO Schwarz is across the street from the Plaza, he could have easily walked there; plus, the actual building with that facade is in Chicago. So the geography is all messed up.) Kevin buys a map of New York, Green Slime Goo and a Swiss army knife. It cost $23.75. Harry and Marv are also in the store, looking for hiding places in the playhouses before Christmas Eve. They see Kevin outside and recognize his backpack. A chase begins!

17. Van Cleef & Arpels

Kevin stops at the Van Cleef and Arpels store on Fifth Avenue to buy some necklaces from a street vendor. He tears them apart so that Harry and Marv slip on the beads.

18. Bethesda Fountain

The Pigeon Lady (we never learn her real name) takes Kevin to a secret rooftop spot at Carnegie Hall, full of old instruments, mannequins, and old chandeliers. The two engage in being invisible to the world; her because she is homeless and him because he is the youngest. She reminds him that good deeds can replace bad ones and that he can make up for running away but essentially save the day.

19. Carnegie Hall

The Deaf Lady (we never learn her real name) takes Kevin to a secret rooftop spot at Carnegie Hall, full of old instruments, mannequins, and old chandeliers. The two have something in common; both are invisible in the world; her because she is homeless and him because he is the youngest child. She reminds him that good deeds can replace bad ones.

20. St. Anne's Children's Hospital

Kevin visits the fictional St. Anne's Children's Hospital, the charity to which Duncan's Toy Chest proceeds from Christmas Eve go. (The facade is a real building in Harlem.) Kevin feels empowered and encouraged: "You can deal with a lot of things, but you can't deal with kids at Christmas."

21. Rob McAllister's House

Kevin's Uncle Rob and Aunt Georgette have a townhouse on 95th Street between Central Park West and Columbus. He finds the address in his father's contacts that were in the backpack, but having previously sought refuge there, he finds that no one is home and the house is undergoing a major renovation. This brownstone is where Kevin takes Harry and Marv on the night of the toy store robbery to test the limits of physical comedy by inflicting all sorts of physical harm on the hapless villains.

22. Times Square

At this point, all of the McAllisters are in New York. The Plaza feels so guilty about its employees kicking Kevin out for credit card fraud that they give the family a free penthouse suite (#1765). Kevin's mother, played by Catherine O'Hara, takes a taxi to Times Square after checking out the uncle's house, just before Kevin arrived to give the Sticky Bandits what they asked for. Mom says to a stranger, "I'm looking for my son," shows photos of him and knocks on the door of a police car. The officer advises: "Put yourself in your child's shoes. Where would you go? What would you do?" Kate says, "Dear God, I know where he is. I have to go to Rockefeller Center." The NYPD officer: “Get in.”

23. Rockefeller Center

After defeating Marv and Harry, Kevin goes to the iconic giant tree . Then he speaks to him: "I know that I don't deserve a Christmas even though I did a good deed. I don't want gifts. Instead, I want to take back everything I ever said to my family. If only I could "See my mother? I just want to see my mother." And then his mother appears. "Kevin!" She cries. Kevin murmurs, "Wow, that worked quickly. How did you know I was here?" Mrs. McA: "Well, I know you and Christmas trees, and this was the biggest." They return to the Plaza. It starts snowing. Meanwhile, trucks unload dozens of toys as a thank you from Duncan's Toy Chest, and Kevin gives the Dove Lady a turtle dove ornament as a token of eternal friendship. Then his father yells something about a $967.43 room service bill. "Somewhere In My Memory" - starts playing. As Kevin says, "Don't you know that a kid always wins against two idiots?"

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