Wie am besten von Newark Flughafen (EWR) in New Jersey nach Manhattan kommen

How to get from Newark Airport (EWR) in New Jersey to Manhattan

Landed in New Jersey, Newark airport and ready to conquer the Big Apple, but first you have to get there somehow.

Whether a comfortable and easy transfer, on rails by train or pompously with a stretch limo, there is something available for every budget. There are several options, you will find the description below.

Newark transfer to Manhattan

EEA - Newark Airport

The second largest airport in the New York area is located on the western side of the Hudson River, in the state of New Jersey, about 30 km from Manhattan.


newark airport train

The cheapest way to get to the city of EWR New Jersey (NJ) is by train. After landing, going through border control and picking up your suitcase, you take the AirTrain to the train station. The AirTrain direction Take Newark Liberty International Airport Train Station (see map). The AirTrain runs very frequently, every few minutes.

newark airtrain map

When you arrive at the Newark Airport train station, please first purchase a ticket to New York Penn Station (abbreviation for Pennsylvania Station, the abbreviation is always used). The ticket price is $15. Penn Station is the last stop and please get off there.

The train runs on average two to three times an hour, possibly more frequently depending on the day and time. The travel time from the airport to Penn Station is approximately 45 minutes.

Once you get to Penn Station, take the subway or taxi to the hotel. Subway lines 1,2,3, A, C and E depart from Penn Station.

Tip: Download the “NYC Subway” app for free at home. This means you have access to the Subway card at any time.

subway map new york

There are two types of trains “Local” and “Express”, as you can see on the board in the subway. On the subway map you can see all the stations, some in white and others in black . Both express and local trains stop at the stations marked in white ; only local trains stop at the black dots .

Advantages and disadvantages of train:

+ Cheap

- Inconvenient, inconvenient and a must change at Penn Station

- Longer journey time, uncomfortable after a long flight

Collection vehicles

great shuttle from Newark to Manhattan

Companies like Go AirLink NYC or Supper Shuttle (unfortunately filed for bankruptcy on January 1st, 2020) use minibuses and collect the maximum number of guests, 8-12 people per shuttle. The price per person , including tip, is $24. Depending on traffic conditions and when it is your turn to be dropped off, the journey will take between 2 and 2.5 hours.

My suggestion is Go Air Link NYC, if you book it with us we will take care of the reservation and everything else, so you don't have to call Super Shuttle or worry about it when you get there. After booking we will let you know all the details. You can book the service CLICK HERE

Advantages and disadvantages of shared taxis:

+ Cheap

- Unreliable, sometimes the driver doesn't show up

- Poor customer service, very difficult to impossible to get in touch with the driver, call center instead, annoying when the driver no shows

- If you are unlucky and are the last guest to be dropped off, the journey will be significantly delayed, very unpleasant after a long flight


taxi newark airport

The taxis are located at the terminal exit, where you will be directed to the taxi by a so-called “dispatcher”. The trip from EWR to Manhattan will cost you between $100 - $125, depending on traffic and route. Unfortunately, the price varies depending on the driver and company, so I recommend agreeing the price with the driver or dispatcher in advance.

Advantages and disadvantages of taxi:

+ Comfortable and pleasant
+ Fast in the city
- Price
- Possibly waiting time depending on crowds
- Uncertainty about final price

Private transfer

private transfer newark manhattan, stretch limo

We offer you a private transfer to and from the airport. You will be greeted by your driver at the security exit at the airport with a name tag and chauffeured to the hotel. If desired, in a Sedan (1-3 people) which costs almost the same as a taxi, a Stretch Limo (6-10) people or an SUV (1-5) people.

+ VIP service

+ Fast in the city

+ Fixed price, no possible additional costs or fees

- Price

1-3 person private transfer CLICK HERE

SUV transfer available here CLICK HERE

Stretch Limo Transfer available CLICK HERE

Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus

newark airport bus transfer, newark airport

Fare is $16 one way, $28 both ways. According to the company, the Airport Express bus runs every half hour from:

“Manhattan to Newark Airport 4:45 am - 1:45 am”

“Newark Airport to Manhattan 4:00 am - 1:00 am”

Departure points in Manhattan:

Grand Central Station (41st Street between Park & ​​Lexington Avenue)

Bryant Park (42nd Street & 5th Avenue)

Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street between 8th and 9th Avenue)

Departure points in Newark:

Terminal A ( Located outside the arrival level , Lane 5) - On the arrival floor, lane 5

Terminal B (Located outside the arrival level, lane 2) - On the arrival floor, lane 2

Terminal C (Located outside the arrival level at bus stop 5 & 6) - arrival floor, bus stations 5 and 6


Alternative IV. - Travel agent

Ride brokers uber, lyft, juno, via

Many online providers such as Uber, Juno, Via and Lyft have now established themselves, with which you can book reliable private transport using a corresponding app on your smartphone. No matter which service you choose, you always have to download the provider's corresponding app from your AppStore . The price from Manhattan - Newark varies depending on the traffic situation, there is a high demand for trips, for example on rainy days the prices are 3 times the regular price, the so-called "surge pricing". You can find all the details about this variant here. CLICK

Advantages and disadvantages of the travel agent transfer:

  • + Reliable service in most cases
  • + Fast in the city
  • + Fixed price will be displayed before ordering

  • - Price, variable changes every minute 
  • - Internet connection mandatory
  • - Finding the vehicle is always difficult


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