Happy Birthday Lady Liberty!

Happy Birthday Lady Liberty!

On October 28th this year, the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of hope and freedom, turned 130 years old. One more reason to pay a visit to Lady Liberty on your next stay in New York. Here are some interesting facts and information about how and when to visit the statue :)

Below I have put together 10 interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty for you:

1. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to America for the American Declaration of Independence.

2. In 1876, the French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi began creating this statue. He received support from, among others, Gustav Eiffel, who constructed the steel frame inside the figure. He had previously created the design for the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

3. Scientists suspect that the Statue of Liberty was originally dark brown . However, the color only lasts around 20 years. The outer skin weathered and oxidized, which is why Lady Liberty gradually turned green.

4. For a long time, the Statue of Liberty was the first thing that immigrants saw from the ship, the reason why it faces the open sea and why it is still a symbol of freedom and hope today.

5. The full name of the Statue of Liberty is "Liberty Enlightening the World".

6. The base on which Lady Liberty stands was constructed in America and financed by donations

7. Before the Statue of Liberty came to America, the head of the Statue of Liberty was exhibited in Paris in 1878 and then dismantled into 350 pieces and shipped across the Atlantic in 214 crates.

8. Lady Liberty has her own island called "Liberty Island" which was also home to people for over 200 years until 2014.

9. The Statue of Liberty is not standing properly. There are broken chains around them as a symbol of liberation.

10. The Statue of Liberty is iconic. Numerous artists painted her and she has already played a role in several films . It has even been destroyed in films like “The Day after Tomorrow” and “Independence Day”.

If you are interested in visiting the Statue of Liberty, you can reserve tickets through us using the following link ! This saves you queuing for tickets, I recommend visiting before 11 a.m. so you avoid long waiting times at security :)

The ticket includes the ferry crossing to the Statue of Liberty and a visit to the neighboring island "Ellis Island" , where the famous immigration museum is located. Here, almost every American can find their ancestors who once registered there. Entrance to the museum is included in the ticket. The ferries operate from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and depart from Battery Park every 30-45 minutes.

For tickets click here (CLICK)

Those who want to go to the Krone must reserve these tickets for a specific date and time and pick up the tickets at the counter in Battery Park on the same day one hour before departure. Tickets are only available to a very limited extent and are usually fully booked months in advance. To check the availability and book these tickets you can use the following link:


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