Ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art: Besucht „Sleep No More“ in New York City

A very special experience: Visit “Sleep No More” in New York City

New York is known worldwide for its plays , musicals and comedy shows , which you can watch on “ Broadway ”, “ off Broadway ” or the lesser-known “ off off Broadway ”. The selection is so large and the cast in the shows is more top-class than in any other city. However, all performances have one thing in common. You are one of many passive spectators . Today we would like to introduce you to an interactive performance in which the viewer becomes part of the performance. During the performance, all participants wear a mask and the actors interact with the audience, so that the dynamic interaction immerses you deeply in the play. Optionally, this experience has a restaurant and bar where you can get drinks and food. These are not included in the price of the ticket and are not particularly cost-effective; Due to the atmosphere, it's definitely worth ordering at least one drink.

What is “Sleep No More” actually about?

Inspired by Macbeth, this performance is a predominantly silent film shown in the McKittrick Hotel (actually a converted warehouse in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan). There are many different, very elaborately designed rooms through which the audience can walk independently to the various performances. There are a total of 6 floors to discover . It is permitted and desired that the audience, who are also part of the piece, examine everything closely and touch everything in order to find clues to the story that is actually being told. The McKittrick Hotel is no ordinary hotel. It consists of 6 floors and has both indoor and outdoor areas. These include places typical of a hotel such as a lobby or the bar. But you will also find a sanatorium , streets of the fictional American horror town “Gallow Green”, very luxurious bedrooms, a breathtaking dance hall and much more. In the jazz bar, which is decorated in the style of the 1930s, you can enjoy your drinks to live music. Don't be shy and explore all the rooms on your own. It's part of the performance! :)

When can you watch Sleep No More?

Tickets are sold monthly in advance. There are different time slots every day, ranging from 5:00 p.m. to midnight, depending on the day of the week. On Saturday, tickets are usually available from 4:00 p.m.

Should you buy the tickets in advance?

Yes , it is advisable to buy the tickets in advance as they are often sold out at short notice.

How can you get tickets?

There are numerous sites on the Internet where you can buy the cards. However, we rate two variants better than the others. On the one hand, you can buy the tickets directly on the “ Sleep No Morehomepage . The second option is to search for “ discount tickets Sleep No More ” on Google . Maybe you'll be lucky and get a real bargain.

How much do the tickets cost?

The average ticket price is $75 . But with food and drinks you can easily get over $100. This makes it more expensive, but it also makes the experience even more interesting. :)

Is it possible to book tickets last minute?

In this case, you have the option of contacting the organizers directly. Maybe you'll be lucky : reservations@sleepnomorenyc.com

Sleep no more

How many spectators take part in a performance at the same time?

Since you are in different rooms all the time, you can sometimes experience the performances all alone but then with up to 100 spectators in total.

How long does the performance last?

Guests can decide for themselves how long they want to stay. On average , around 3 hours is realistic.


What can you expect from “Sleep No More”?

  • You will wear a mask
  • The mask can also be worn over glasses . If you have the opportunity, it is better to wear contact lenses.
  • Bags and jackets must be handed in. It costs $4 per item checked in .
  • Some viewers like to have this experience all to themselves, while others prefer to experience it together hand in hand.
  • Although it is not a " haunted house " - this special kind of hotel may still be too scary for some people, as there is blood, murderers, naked people, scary music and many other bizarre things to discover there.
  • Even though there is no official dress code , it's fun to dress up in this special atmosphere. But don't forget comfortable shoes , ladies! ;)
  • All ticket purchases are final . A return or exchange for a different date is not possible. In exceptional cases perhaps possible.

Sleep no more

Can you watch “Sleep No More” with your kids?

In principle , children of all ages are allowed to take part . However, due to nude scenes or sometimes violent scenes, you rarely see younger children here.

What is the story of this show?

“Sleep No More” was developed by a British theater producer in 2003. Production started in New York in 2011. The performance has already received numerous awards for the great design and also its choreographies.

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