Ein einmaliger Blick auf New York City – Die Aussichtsplattform von Top oft the Rock

A unique view of New York City - The observation deck from Top of the Rock

top of the rock view

You shouldn't miss an unforgettable experience when you're in New York . The Manhattan skyline is characterized by its countless impressive skyscrapers with modern architecture. Many of the most famous skyscrapers , such as One World Trade Center , the Empire State Building and the Comcast Building at Rockefeller Center, also known as Top of the Rock , offer a viewing platform from which you can get a bird's eye view of the enchanting city of New York to experience.

This post is all about visiting Top of the Rock.

Because the 360 ​​degree panoramic view from the 70th floor is one of the best of the city. Whether it's sunshine, snow or a sparkling city at night; A visit to the Top of the Rock has something to offer at any time of the day or year. However, the most popular time of day is at sunset.

A visit to the Top of the Rock is one of the most popular attractions in the city and is included in the CityPASS and New York Pass, for example.

top of the rock tickets

The opening times:

  • Daily from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., 7 days a week, with the last elevator departing to the observation platform at 11:15 p.m.
  • The opening times differ on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

What awaits you:

  • When you buy a ticket, you have to decide on a date and time. The exception is the CityPASS, for which a prior time does not have to be specified.
  • Use the entrance to buildings on 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues
  • Before you get to the viewing platform, a visit to the Top of the Rock includes not only the unique view of the city but also an interesting exhibition and not forgetting the building itself with a pompous chandelier with Swarovski crystals and its architecture.
  • The exhibition extends over three levels:
    • On the first level you will learn everything about the history of the Top of the Rock and New York City
    • On the second level you are outdoors and have a great view of the city
    • The third floor is on the third floor , which is very popular for photos as it is completely outdoors and not surrounded by glass.

central park view, top of the rock

  • The Top of the Rock is open even in bad weather. There is no option to change the date of your ticket. However, if the weather is particularly bad, the Top of the Rocks will sometimes voluntarily offer you the opportunity to redeem your tickets for another day.
  • There is no limit to the time you spend at Top of the Rocks. stops. On average, however, guests stay there for around 45 minutes.
  • There are toilets on the 66th floor.
  • There is no restaurant at Top of the Rock. However, there is the option to buy snacks on the way to the viewing platform.
  • During Christmas time, you cannot see the famous Christmas tree or the ice skating rink from the viewing platform. You would then have to look at it from below before or after your visit.

Top of the Rock view

  • Top of the Rock often posts photos and videos of its visitors. If you are also interested, post your photos with the hashtags #TopoftheRock, #RockCenter, #RockShops and Maybe you'll be lucky and you'll soon be featured on the homepage or other advertising platforms. :)

The costs:

If you have one of the sight-seeing passes (you can get them at our local travel center or at meinpnachnewyork.com ), then first check whether you include the Top of the Rock. Otherwise, prices are currently $34.00 for adults and $28.00 for children .

Have fun and we wish you a good view of our city of dreams. :)

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