10 Tips zum Besuch der Freiheitsstatue

10 tips for visiting the Statue of Liberty

A visit to the Statue of Liberty is extremely popular among travelers coming to New York City. This can mean long waits for the ferry, especially in summer, but with these insider tips you can save time and get the most out of your visit.

1. Buy your tickets in advance - You can buy the ticket to get to the island from us meintripnachnewyork.com, so you save yourself the queue to buy the ticket on site. Our ticket is flexible, not tied to time or date and you can go whenever you want. It costs $25 and also includes a visit to Ellis Island.

2. Get up early - I suggest that you be in Battery Park between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., no later than 11 a.m., where the ferry leaves. Expect to spend around 5-6 hours for the entire tour including the ferry ride.

3. Visit the Crown - If you want to visit the Crown, you have to book the ticket online months in advance.

4. Food and Drink - There is plenty of space for a picnic on Liberty Island. You can avoid the food stand lines (as well as the overpriced, pretty mediocre food in my opinion) by picking up a picnic lunch of snacks from one of New York City's major delis. However, you should definitely try the famous lemonade, Bill's World Famous Lemonade. Attention, don't forget water, and if you have to go to the store, buy sunscreen.

5. Audio and guided tour - Use the audio guide in German, you get it as soon as you get off the ferry and it's free. There are also free ranger-led tours of Liberty Island offered daily. The tour begins at the flagpole on Liberty Island and lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes. All ages are welcome, explaining how and why the statue was built, the history of Liberty Island, and many fascinating aspects of the statue's meaning. These tours are completely free and do not require reservations. Check the schedule at the Liberty Island Information Center.

6. Photos - It is possible to photograph the statue from all angles when you are on the island. However, you can take the best selfie for your profile picture from the ferry. To do this, you have to go to the top floor of the ferry and immediately stand on one side of the railing.

7. Weather - In New York the sun shines over 250 days a year, choose a non-rainy day to admire the sun-bathed island and statue.

8. Sunset Cruise - The most beautiful sunset in New York is at the Statue of Liberty. During the months of August and September we host a cruise with a live band every Monday and Thursday. A wonderful experience that you shouldn't miss if you're there during the months.

9. Free ride - If you don't want to pay anything, you can take the Staten Island Ferry. But remember: you can only see the statue from a long distance!

10. "The New Colosussus" - Read the beautiful inscription at the foot of the statue and it's okay to shed a tear, a touching poem, the meaning and meaning of New York! Written for the migrants: ...“Give me your tired, your poor, your oppressed masses who long to breathe freely...Send them to me, the homeless, those driven by the storm, I hold my golden light high Gates!"

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