Erlebe das Nachtleben wie ein echter New Yorker - Zwei tolle Bars für alle Vodka-Fans: „Russian Vodka Room“ und „Russian Samovar“

Experience the nightlife like a real New Yorker - Two great bars for all vodka fans: “Russian Vodka Room” and “Russian Samovar”

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There are countless bars and restaurants in New York , so it's not that easy to decide which one you want to visit. Bars that are still among the hottest in the city today may no longer exist a few weeks later. In this article we would like to give you a recommendation for two very interesting bars in Midtown (52nd Street between 8th Avenue and Broadway).

The two bars are directly opposite each other and are both very well known for their large selection of different types of vodka . If desired, this is served with delicious food and a live band plays jazz, blues or piano music in the background. Both bars produce their own types of vodka with flavors such as peach, pineapple, cranberry or even very unusual varieties such as ginger or garlic-dill .

Both bars focus on vodka; Both also have a fully stocked bar with all other drinks you want. The atmosphere in both bars is very warm and friendly and since they are both so close to each other, you can try out “ bar hopping ” like New Yorkers do and visit both bars in one evening.

The drinks:

Bar in New York

“Russian Vodka Room” and “Russian Samovar” offer international beer on tap or in bottles. However, most visitors try the well-known vodka. Here you have various options. You can order 2cl shots or a larger quantity, which you can then mix with soft drinks yourself or drink straight. There is also the opportunity to try several different varieties in a “Vodka Tasting” offer. You can also get delicious cocktails in both bars. In addition to the in-house vodka, classic vodka varieties such as Absolut, Cristal, Stoly and Gray Goose are also offered.

The food:

New York Bar

Most people visit the Russian Vodka Room and the Russian Samovar because of the great selection of drinks. Both also offer good cuisine and specialize in Russian specialties such as smoked fish, a charcuterie plate (similar to the South German snack), dumplings filled with pork, caviar and many others. These make your “vodka tasting” a particularly delicious experience. :)

However, both locations have their own specialties:

What you should definitely try in the Russian Samovar :

  • Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent “Windblown”—Porcini mushrooms in cream sauce and a Russian cheese pastry

  • Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad— Roasted beetroot with arugula salad, goat cheese and walnuts

  • “A Tribute to Perestroika” 22 oz Ribeye Steak—a dish suitable for two people: ribeye steak prepared in a red wine reduction and served with mushrooms

  • Chicken Kiev Entrée—a breaded chicken with dill butter and mashed potatoes

  • Roasted Duck Entrée—Roasted duck with a baked apple

  • Medovik—A Russian honey cake

You should try a typical Russian sweetened black tea with black cherries. It is delicious and the presentation of the drink is an experience in itself. :)

Bar New York

What you should definitely try in the Russian Vodka Room :

  • Duck Liver Pate—Duck pate with perfectly seasoned and toasted bread

  • Mushroom Julienne En Cocotte—baked mussels that are almost too pretty to eat.. But only almost

  • Chicken Schnitzel—Chicken schnitzel with truffle dill butter and roasted potatoes

  • Beef Stroganoff—A traditional Russian dish made with beef in a cream sauce and kasha instead of noodles

  • Short Ribs—tender braised ribs with kasha

Happy hour:

Bar New York

As is usual in New York bars, both bars have happy hour with great offers:

Happy hour





Russian samovar

Daily from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m





Russian Vodka Room

Daily from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m





One last well-intentioned tip : The small vodka shots taste absolutely delicious and you may quickly forget how many you have actually already drunk. So make sure you don't drink too much and that you can enjoy your next day in New York.. ;) Have fun :)

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