Was am Valentinstag in New York unternehmen?

What to do in New York on Valentine's Day?

If you have already found your dream partner, you are already the happiest people in the world. Congratulations! To show your true love the magic of the Big Apple , I suggest a few activities (for all budgets) .

Valentine's Day in New York

Are you in New York on Lovers' Day?

If your answer is yes, get ready to have a magical time. If the Italians are considered the most passionate, the French the most romantic, then the New Yorkers are the ones who know how to stage everything best ! Everyone plays the game, the traders, it suits them well, restaurants, bars and street vendors are all decorated in the colors of love. A delight for the eyes and the heart.

What to do in New York during Valentine's Day?

A walk in Central Park can be the ideal plan, wander under the trees, next to the lake and stop for a proposal on Bethesa Terrace , who knows?

You can also enjoy a romantic carriage ride through the park.

Consider : There are many museums to choose from, the Met, the Whitney, MoMA, all have excellent exhibitions centered around love.

Hand in hand in Times Square, a special crossroads of cultures, why not let the emotions wash over you and renew your vows in front of a crowd ? For fans of the M & M's Store, you can purchase an M & M's with your personalized initials there.

times square marriage proposal

How to end the day romantically?

After dark, when the city lights feel their magic, can you passionately continue your daytime reverie? Well, here are some ideas:

A trip through Manhattan in a limousine organized by MeinTripNachNewYork.com , we currently have an unbeatable offer 2 hours for $320. Little Italy, the Romanesque streets of the West Village, through Midtown past the red Empire State Building and at night Chasing the fantasy of Hollywood romances on the Upper West Side.

See a ballet at Lincoln Center , currently showing "Sleeping Beauty. "

Limo ride in New York

A good glass of wine in a jazz club . Something that brings back memories of wonderful times. Try the Zink Bar or the Blue Note.

A dinner (Italian) for two in a cozy village restaurant on a seductive side street will remain etched in your memory forever. I suggest "Il Cantinori" on 10th Street, East Side, the atmosphere is sensual and so are the menu options. A walk along the banks of the Hudson River in advance, against the backdrop of the illuminated skyline of Manhattan, whose buildings' illuminated windows sparkle like stars that leave no one indifferent.

For those of you who are single , New York is a city dedicated to singles and lone wolves and will welcome you with open arms.

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