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Be a part of New Year's Eve in Times Square

Author Sanel Huskanovic / Category News / Posted: Feb-13-2023

Your wishes will be added to the confetti fluttering in the heart of Times Square on New Year's Eve ! Every year, people around the world express their wishes for the New Year on the official Times Square confetti, either digitally or in person.

If you don't have the opportunity to do it in person, you can do it online.


The Wishing Wall in Times Square

Whether it's a personal goal, a dream for the future, or doing something for the first time, these wishes are added to a ton of confetti that floats toward revelers gathered in Times Square at midnight to celebrate the New Year . Be a part of this most magical night by adding your wish in person to the Wishing Wall in Times Square or submitting your New Year's wish online. They will join thousands of others that will be shot into the air over Times Square at midnight on New Year's Eve for all the world to see!

Please note that all wishes submitted after December 28th will be printed on December 31st of the following year for the New Year's Eve celebration.

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