Kostenlose Alternativen zur Silvesterparty am Times Square

Free alternatives to the New Year's Eve party in Times Square

The New Year's Eve party in Times Square is the largest in the world and therefore overcrowded. For everyone who wants to “slide” a little more relaxed or is traveling with minors, there are the following free alternatives , but also a free party alternative.

slivester at times square

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Midnight race in Central Park

Beginning in 1980, the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run attracts over 6,000 runners each year to compete in the four-mile race. Maybe the coolest way to start a race. As the clock strikes midnight, fireworks light up the sky and the race begins. In addition to the race, there will be a live DJ playing Top 40 hits and there will be a costume competition . The start and finish line is located in Central Park, Rumsey Playfield, at 72nd Street.

New Year's Eve run in Central Park

Brooklyn Bridge

One of New York's most popular attractions is the Brooklyn Bridge. Day and night there is more than just car traffic on the lanes and from the bridge you have a breathtaking view of the New York skyline and a relatively good view of the fireworks in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Don't forget to dress very warmly , the wind on the bridge is icy cold.

Party at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn

Perhaps the best alternative to Times Square is Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn , located at the entrance to Prospect Park . From here you have a wonderful view of the 15-minute fireworks display . There is live music as well as drinks and great food. Address: Grand Army Plaza (Brooklyn, NY), Brooklyn, New York 11238

grand amry plaza brooklyn new year's eve

Zeppelin Hall beer garden in New Jersey City

It's not easy to find a bar or club with free entry on New Year's Eve, but New Jersey City's beer garden offers a free party . The German bar and restaurant doesn't charge entry and offers lots of beer, a DJ and a dance party. Address: 88 Liberty View Dr Jersey City, New Jersey

Free New Year's Eve party in New York

New Year's Eve fireworks in Central Park

New Year's Eve in Times Square

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