Ihr wollt für den Boss der Torten arbeiten? Hier ist wie (und unsere Tipps, um den Job zu bekommen).

Do you want to work for the boss of the cakes? Here's how (and our tips for getting the job).

Many people dream of emigrating one day and trying their luck in the land of opportunity, and if it's for one of the most famous bakeries in the entire country, all the better.
Here is the current offer:

The term of the contract is one year, from December 28, 2016 to January 15, 2017, at a salary of $11 per hour with several benefits including insurance, business trips to major cities in the United States and shared accommodation with expenses of $100 - 120 .

In addition to the training, you will receive a one-year J1 visa and a refund for your flight ticket.

The selection will take place in Rome on October 3rd and in Milan on October 4th 2016.

Requirements: Must be fluent in English and Italian (reading, writing, speaking), have experience with Italian baked goods, be 18-26 years old.

For further information and instructions please visit the following website www.foreignstaffing.com

In addition to the training certificate and the photo, you must submit a 2-minute video to bakery@foreignstaffing.com where you tell the following in English :

  • Name and position
  • Service experience retail/gastronomy (short)
  • Why you are a good candidate for the job
  • An interesting fact about you

Here are our recommendations

1) Be enthusiastic and optimistic in the video, don't pay attention to the formality.

2) Also use your ability to smile, say, I love to smile, I love life.

3) Remember, making cakes is an art, so show your love for the art and for details and enjoyment of details.

4) If you have already decorated cakes, show them in the video.

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