Für 24,5 Millionen Dollar könntest du direkt unter dem Präsidenten im Trump Tower wohnen

For $24.5 million you could live directly below the president in Trump Tower

Real estate sources say the $24.5 million five-bedroom south-facing apartment is directly below President Trump Tower's bedroom.

In New York City, you never know what you're going to get when it comes to your upstairs neighbor. But the person who will live in Trump Tower 64/65AB will be able to say they are living directly under President Donald Trump. The apartment on the 65th floor of Trump Tower at 721 Fifth Avenue is available for $24.5 million. Real estate agents say the chic apartment with great views is located beneath Trump's bedroom in the three-story penthouse he called home before moving to the White House.

The Trump Tower apartment is two stories and is being sold by an Oklahoma billionaire. According to the listing, the 570-square-foot apartment has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and one half-bath. It covers the entire south side of the 64th and 65th floors and features floor-to-ceiling windows.

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