10 New York Filme, gedreht in der großartigsten Stadt der Welt

10 New York films shot in the greatest city in the world

When you first walk through the streets of New York City, they look familiar. It's not your imagination, you see New York so often in series and films that you feel like you've already been there.

Here are some of the most famous flicks filmed on the streets of New York.

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Films shot in New York

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

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Bernie Sanders loved this strip, the Wall Street bankers hate and love it at the same time. A true story about fraud on the world's largest trading exchange. Leonardo DiCaprio in one of his best roles in the city where he loves to spend his private time, New York City.

2. Prime

Uma Thurman loves a much younger man and she tells her therapist, turns out the therapist knows her young lover, it's her son. This film takes place in New York and believe me when I tell you, the story isn't that far-fetched.

3. The Warriors

films in new york

Gangs were as much a part of New York in the 70s and 80s as pizza and hot dogs. One of the most iconic gang films was filmed in New York, The Worriers is a film that you have to see as a New York fan.

4. Whiplash

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Not many films capture the spirit of New York like this film. The competition, the unwavering desire to be at the top and music, great music, New York is a city of musicians.

5. A Most Violent Year

New York 1981, a dangerous time, a young, honest immigrant and aspiring oil trader married to a gangster bride tries to gain a foothold in the industry.

6. American Psycho

new york movies

The classic and the perfect representation of New York's wealthy society, the so-called yuppies and their, for most people, inconsequential problems.

7. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

films in new york

The film is set 23 years after the original in New York and revolves around the 2008 financial crisis. The plot revolves around a supposedly reformed Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas, and follows his attempts to repair his relationship with his daughter Winnie with the help of her fiancé Jacob Moore to restore.


A New York film list without New York's most famous director Woody Allen would not be a complete list. He said of New York: I love the city in an emotional, irrational way, the way you would love your mother or father even though they were alcoholics or thieves. I have loved the city all my life - for me it is like a great woman. Perhaps his best and most famous film, Manhattan.

9.Premium Rush

I was invited to the premiere back in 2013 or 2014 and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the lead actor, told me that he got a few scrapes during filming and even ended up in the hospital once. You almost feel as if you are racing along the streets of New York on your bike.

10. Jokers

The film is undoubtedly provocative and arguably nihilistic as it tells the story of Arthur Fleck, the aspiring comedian with mental health issues who transforms into Batman's nemesis The Joker over the course of the film. To create Gotham, the film was shot primarily in NYC and surrounding areas, in Upper Manhattan, the Bronx, DUMBO, Jersey City and Newark.

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