FAO Schwarz - Der berühmteste Spielzeugladen in New York ist zurück

FAO Schwarz - The most famous toy store in New York is back

FAO Schwarz at Rockefeller Center

Author Sanel Huskanovic / Category News / Published: Dec-01-2018

As announced, FAO Schwarz, the most famous toy store in New York, has reopened this November. It is a historic store in the Big Apple, loved by young and old and the result of a long tradition.

FAO Schwarz is a real institution in the Big Apple and the dream of many generations, a myth that has achieved this level of fame thanks to many Hollywood films.

That's why when it closed its doors three years ago, on July 15, 2105, both New Yorkers and tourists were affected by the news.

The store was by all accounts a tourist attraction, but due to administrative costs and fierce competition from online competitors, Toys'R'Us also announced its closure and completed it this summer.

As expected, the reopening generated a lot of excitement! The fact that it happened in the month before Christmas is by no means coincidental. It's the month when the holiday shopping season begins and FAO Schwarz promises to be the ideal holiday gift shop.



How was FAO Schwarz born? The history of the famous New York toy store dates back to the 19th century. It was 1862 when German immigrant Friedrich August Otto Schwarz founded FAO Schwarz in Baltimore under the name Toy Bazaar.

In a short time the store became a reference in the toy world, and others were opened in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. The one in New York, at 765 Broadway, was long considered Santa Claus Headquarters, the Original Santa Claus Headquarters.

In 1985, FAO Schwarz's historic headquarters opened at 745 Fifth Avenue in the General Motors Building. This location was strategically located: near Apple, Tiffany, and the south entrance of Central Park.

The FAO Schwarz shop on 5th Avenue was undoubtedly an important showcase for the brand until its closure in 2015.

Before opening the toy store, Frederick worked for a stationery importer. According to NPR's Renee Montaigne, "Stationery companies in Germany would include toys in their shipments. Schwarz put the toy in his window, and soon they were selling the stationery and an idea was born. “


The new FAO Schwarz store is located at Rockefeller Center and was taken over by the NBC Experience Store. Real experiences for children and adults are to be created on an area of ​​19,000 square meters.

So not just a shop to buy toys, but a playground to have fun and take part in exciting activities and games. Staff take on the roles of costumed characters and magicians who enjoy demonstrations and interact with the public.

The entire store was designed and built under the banner Return to Wonder.

The new store features the iconic piano that Tom Hanks danced on in the 1988 Big Movie. A moment that has passed through history and created the legend of FAO Schwarz.


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