Eine Holzhütte mit Sicht auf New Yorks Skyline

A wooden hut with a view of New York's skyline

Close your eyes and imagine a rustic cabin with a long porch, large windows, and expansive views of the outside. As far as the view is concerned, your idea is probably towards the great outdoors, not cement buildings. Well, think again.

cabin in manhattan new york

A first in real estate at 15 W. 28th Street in Manhattan, the listing categorizes the rental unit as a "penthouse studio," which is actually a hidden rooftop cottage. The best part is that you can step out of its yard to the top of the Empire State buildings and the Midtown skyline and all of this can be rented for $4200 per month.

empire state building

The previous residents of the house took full advantage of this unique facility. They stocked the surrounding patio - a step up from the wood-clad covered porch - with potted plants, lounge chairs, a cute little table with an umbrella, and a lounge chair, giving the impression that the front yard is somewhere north of town, not north of Madison Square Park.

But don't expect a beamed ceiling, wood-paneled walls, and a rustic fireplace. The interior of the studio is typical of a standard New York City apartment. Pictures show white walls and parquet floors, a newly renovated kitchen and bathroom. The cabin also has large windows and - just above a sliding door that leads outside - a huge skylight.

apartment in new york

This isn't the only rooftop cabin in the city. Curbed, an online real estate magazine, uncovered two other hiding places, although they are not currently listed.

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