Eine Heiße Schokolade bei Jacques Torres in New York City

A hot chocolate at Jacques Torres in New York City

Hot chocolate New York

It's slowly getting a little colder in New York and autumn can bring with it some uncomfortable days . Hot drinks are becoming increasingly popular again and hot chocolate in particular is at the top of many people's lists. Almost every café offers hot chocolate. But we recommend you try the best hot chocolate in the world . The hot chocolate from the famous chocolatier Jacques Torres . His nickname is “ Mr. Chocolate ” and he is one of the most important and influential people when it comes to chocolate. For example, he was one of the first to make his handmade chocolate from cocoa beans. And that's the main reason why he offers the most delicious hot chocolate. There are two ways you can drink your cocoa: “Classic” and a version with a special signature from Mr. Torres, the “Wicked Hot Chocolate” .

Hot chocolate New York

The consistency of both hot chocolates is similar to hot chocolate pudding. Added to this is the home-made cream, which rounds off this taste experience. But there is another special feature. The “Wicked Hot Chocolate” .

What is this “Wicked Hot Chocolate” ? It consists of 60 - 70% dark chocolate, which is mixed with cinnamon, chilies and many other ingredients that make this cocoa taste a little spicy.

Hot chocolate

When you're in the chocolate shop, you might also get an appetite for one or two other chocolate treats. Jacques Torres ' truffles are particularly delicious.

Chocolate New York

Once you get a taste for them, you won't know how you can live without these delicious sweets. You can also buy some to take home with you. Maybe also the idea for a great souvenir from New York that definitely won't end up gathering dust at home. :)

The address of the headquarters can be found in New York Downtown: 350 Hudson street. You can find other stores by CLICKING HERE .

We wish you a cozy autumn and winter with a delicious hot chocolate. :)

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