Ein gemütlicher Herbsttag in New York City: Picknick im Freien

A cozy fall day in New York City: outdoor picnic

picnic in central park

In New York, too, the leaves are gradually changing colors and autumn is just around the corner. Autumn is a very special season in the City of Dreams. Some may prefer winter , when the city turns into a winter wonderland with lots of snow. Others particularly like spring because all the plants start to bloom and it is no longer so cold . Because in New York it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach double digits below zero. And then there are those who love summer with the great leisure activities outdoors , on the beach or in the parks. However, in New York the climate is very humid in the summer months. In some places the humidity is close to 100% , so many New Yorkers sometimes prefer to stay at home with their air conditioning. In autumn it is usually still nice and warm, but not so humid and it is fun to be in the fresh air.

what to do in central park

It's the perfect time of year for a delicious picnic. You can sit down with your Starbucks coffee or food from a restaurant in Bryant, Central or Washington Square Park . Or you can plan a real picnic with various delicacies and a blanket to sit on. There are great places like Dean & Deluca or some hotels that will put together a complete picnic basket for you. We have looked for a few particularly great places for you where you can put together a very tasty picnic basket:


This restaurant is just a few blocks from Central Park and is one of the most popular spots on the Upper West Side. They offer Italian cuisine. Delicious picnic baskets for 2 or 4 people are offered here. Please order 24 hours in advance. This is possible every day from 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The picnic includes delicious paninis, anitpasti, salads and dessert options for you to choose from. You also get the utensils you need for a picnic, such as cutlery and napkins. Take a look at the offer and you can also order additional things for your picnic.

Tip : Check out “ Groupon ” or “ Living Social ”. There are often discount codes for ordering from Pappatrdella.

The address is: 316 Columbus Avenue at 75th Street, New York, NY 10023.

Website: https://www.pappardella.com

Perfect picnic

Picnic in New York

One of the special things about Perfect Picnic is that they deliver to you anywhere in Manhattan. Fees for this range from $10 to $30. Or you can go to 81 Allen Street on the Lower East Side to pick it up yourself. There is a huge choice of how you can put together your picnic. There are “American”, “ Classic ”, “ Family ” and “ Deluxe ” variants. Children are also particularly well thought of here and there is an extra option for them. However, if you would rather have something extravagant, there are options where you can even order a waitress to accompany your picnic, who will even clean everything up for you at the end. These options then start at $350 for 2 hours for 2 people (not including tip). It might sound a bit expensive. But it's also the perfect romantic surprise for your loved ones. You can find more information about this by CLICKING HERE .

A few general tips for a picnic in New York:

  • Check out various weather forecasts beforehand. It would be a shame if your picnic fell into the water.
  • Once you have found the perfect picnic for you, invest money so that you have the appropriate equipment such as a blanket and cutlery. Then it's a lot more fun :)
  • It's best to think about where you want to have the picnic beforehand. If you want some ideas, check out CBS news' list of the best places to visit.
  • Officially, alcoholic drinks are generally prohibited outdoors in New York. However, the laws have become a little more relaxed in this regard and if you put the alcohol in a non-alcoholic looking packaging, then there would be the possibility of being able to enjoy the picnic with a delicious wine. But remember to organize it accordingly yourself. When it comes to a restaurant's put together picnics, they are always put together without alcohol.

Have fun with your cozy picnic :)

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