Ein Brooklyn Gastronom schätzt die Immigranten von New York

A Brooklyn restaurateur appreciates New York's immigrants

Since the new president came to power, a series of protests have taken place across the country.  His latest move to ban citizens from some Muslim countries shocked America and the world. His plan has been suspended until further notice...

A Brooklyn restaurant added a note supporting immigrants at the bottom of the payment receipt - and the comment is spreading like wildfire.

Kiwiana's brunch bill at Park Sope was tweeted by Mary Emily O'Hara, an NBC News employee. It shows the message: "Immigrants make America great (they cooked your food and served you today)."

Owner Mark Simmons told DNAinfo: "I recently added this message to remind ourselves [and] our customers that immigrants are often the backbone of the hospitality industry...I usually add a few more messages at the end of the bill, which are rarely political. We're happy that people notice and generally the feedback is positive."

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