Die Top 5 Dessert Trucks in New York City

The Top 5 Dessert Trucks in New York City

Food truck

One of the best things about traveling to New York is that you get to experience the great local food . There are great restaurants and cafés that offer great menus at an affordable price, especially during Restaurant Week. A special experience is also the numerous food trucks , i.e. mobile food stalls , that are available throughout the city. Basically, you can buy something wherever you see the letter A placed, as these have been rated positively by the health department. Given the huge selection of delicious food, we have put together the top 5 food trucks for a delicious dessert in this article:

For all ice cream lovers: The “Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream”

Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream

At each corner You can get one on the street or in a deli around the corner Ice if you really want to eat one. But if you're already in new York then you have it one time chance one of the tastiest ice cream in the world To taste. One from the ice cream parlor “ Van Leeuwen Artisanal ”. The ice cream parlor has several permanent shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn and additionally too Ice cream trucks that you can find on the streets. You can find out where and when you can best enjoy the ice cream on the Homepage of the store: CLICK HERE

The special thing about this ice cream is that it is made using a special in-house recipe and contains only the best ingredients . The Van Leeuwen team chooses the farmers from whom they source the ingredients for their ice cream and produces everything in their own production facility in Brooklyn. In addition to the classic varieties, you will also find new flavors such as “ Honeycomb ”, “ saltes caramel ” (salted caramel), “Sicilian Pistacio” (Sicilian pistachio), “Coffee” or “ Candied Ginger ”. (glazed ginger). The varieties also change seasonally, so it never gets boring here. Vegans can also enjoy delicious ice cream, which is made with homemade cashew milk , organic coconut milk and other valuable vegan ingredients.
There is definitely something here for every taste!

Wafles and things

Wafles and things

Since 2007 both can Visitors to New York like that too new Yorker even a real one Belgian waffle Enjoy at “Wafels & Dinges”. There are also festivals here stores as well as Trucks distributed throughout the city. This perfection of a delicious dessert is from the outside crispy and still from the inside very tender and only describes the waffle itself. What is special about “ Wafels & Dinges ” is that Toppings like various sauces but also fruit or ice cream. You can get yours here creativity Give yourself free rein and create your own favorite dessert. Particularly delicious variations Otherwise you can also do it on the menu If you are a little unsure about what can be combined well. For everyone who might not be so hungry for one Belgian waffle there is also the option of just one Coffee or a Ice to order.
If you are interested, you can find more information on the homepage CLICK HERE .

Wafles and things

Sweetery NYC

Sweetery NYC

At Sweetery it is one mobile bakery , which is a large selection at Cake , cakes , Cupcakes , cookies , Ice cream sandwiches , chocolate dipped and skewered marshmallows and other delicious creations offers. However, they are particularly known for their “ Macarella ” (two coconut macarons embedded in Nutella) and for their black and white cookies and “ Whoopie Pies ” (an American pastry). The menu varies seasonally to use good and environmentally friendly ingredients, but of course also to offer some variety. Many of these delicacies are available individually or in smaller versions and then one Bag of 10 to try and Split available.
You can do that Sweetery Bakery on Twitter follow or look online to see when and where you can visit the mobile bakery CLICK HERE .

Carpe Donut NYC

Carpe Donut

Carpe Donut creates the tastiest mini donuts the city! The team around the little delicacies uses ingredients from local providers what makes them special fresh and yummy might. There is a wide range of different varieties, with Carpe Donut becoming particularly known for its “ apple cider ” (apple juice/wine). The “ FroDo ” is also unmistakable and very tasty Ice cream slices out of donut and more organic Organic ice cream . You can also get a delicious coffee, hot chocolate or fresh, homemade lemonade here. To find out where the bakery trucks are, look up Twitter or the homepage. CLICK HERE

The Good Batch

While New Yorkers enjoy the delicacies of Good Batch all year round in her own bakery shop Brooklyn (Clinton Hill, 936 Fulton Street) is also available seasonally Smorgasburg (a food festival in Brooklyn) and at the “ Summer Stage ” of the Central Park en Opportunity to try the delicious baked goods. Try one of the homemade cookies, cakes, brownies or even frozen sweets. The Favorite varieties both Cookies are, for example , chocolate oats, double caramel , brown sugar and salt as well as  Ginger or sweet and spicy nut . So here too there is something for every taste!

Good Batch also offers a few more seasonal delicacies such as ice cream with pretzels, peanut butter and nougat or with sea salt and many other creations. “ The Crispy ” is also highly recommended. This is one biscuit out of rice , Muesli and Marshmallows , to which one Caramel vanilla sauce is served. A paradise for everyone who loves sweet specialties!

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