Die besten Strände in NYC und Umgebung

The best beaches in NYC and surrounding areas

best beach in new york

When you think of New York City, sandy beaches might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that there are some stunning beaches in New York and the surrounding area? In this blog post I will take you on a virtual tour of the most beautiful beaches in and around New York City and tell you where the beaches are and how to best get there.

From Brooklyn's famous Coney Island Beach to tranquil Brighton Beach, there's something for everyone. I'll also tell you about hidden gems like Jones Beach State Park on Long Island and Cooper's Beach in Southampton. Whether you're planning a day trip or a weekend getaway, these beaches offer sun, surf and relaxation.

Grab your sunscreen and beach towel as we hit the best beaches in New York City and beyond.

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Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

Located in Brooklyn, Coney Island Beach is a must-visit for both locals and tourists looking for a beach vacation. With its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Coney Island's famous boardwalk, this beach provides the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation and fun. From swimming and sunbathing to picnicking on the sandy beaches, there are numerous activities to enjoy. Away from the beach, visitors can explore the amusement parks, enjoy delicious meals at the various restaurants and indulge in the entertainment options. On July 4th , the famous hot dog eating competition takes place at the famous Nathan's. Easily accessible by public transportation, Coney Island Beach is the ideal location for an unforgettable day trip from New York City.

To get there, you can take the D, F, N or Q train to the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue station.

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Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk

Rockaway Beach in Queens is the largest and most popular urban beach in the United States and my personal number one.

Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk in Queens is a popular beach destination in New York City. With miles of sandy beaches and breathtaking ocean views, it's a perfect spot for beach lovers in NYC. The promenade makes for a pleasant stroll along the beach and has various food vendors and shops to explore. Rockaway Beach is ideal for surfers as there are consistent waves and surf schools offer lessons for all skill levels. Whether you're an experienced surfer or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, Rockaway Beach is the place to do it. During the summer months, the beach also hosts events and concerts, adding to its lively and lively atmosphere. Soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes and enjoy beach life at Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk.

To reach Rockaway Beach, you can take the A subway to Broad Channel or the S train to Rockaway Park-Beach 116th Street station. My tip, take the NYC Ferry from the Wall Street stop. Find out how to use the NYC Ferry here .

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Jacob Riis Park Beach

Jacob Riis Park Beach is located on the Rockaway Peninsula. This beach offers a more relaxed atmosphere compared to its counterparts. Jacob Riis Park Beach in Far Rockaway in Queens, New York City is a stunning beach also known for its pristine and expansive sand. Sandy beach perfect for sunbathing, swimming and picnicking. You can also enjoy various leisure activities such as volleyball and surfing. With amenities like concession stands, restrooms, and lifeguards on duty, Jacob Riis Park Beach ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Easy access via public transport makes it a popular choice among both locals and tourists. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful beach in New York City.

To get to Jacob Riis Park Beach, you can take subway train 2, 3, 4 or 5 to Franklin Avenue and then transfer to bus Q35 to Jacob Riis Park.

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Long Beach, New York

Although Long Beach, also called City by the Sea, isn't technically in NYC, it's just a short train ride away and definitely worth a visit. This Long Island beach offers clean water, good waves for surfers, and a lively atmosphere.

Additionally, Long Beach on Long Island offers a stunning white sand beach, making it one of the best beaches in New York and the surrounding area. With its lively atmosphere and beautiful coastline, Long Beach attracts beach lovers from all over the world. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities such as surfing, fishing and beach volleyball or simply relax and enjoy the sun. The promenade lined with shops and restaurants adds to the beach's charm. Because Long Beach is easily accessible from New York City, it is a popular choice for a day trip or weekend getaway. Experience the perfect mix of sun, sand and surf at Long Beach, one of the region's best beaches.

To get there, you can take the Long Island Rail Road, LIRR, from Penn Station to Long Beach Station.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach, Staten Island

Located on Staten Island, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach offers a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of New York City. With breathtaking views of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and the Manhattan skyline, this beach is a tranquil and picturesque destination. Visitors can sunbathe, swim and enjoy a picnic on the wide sandy beaches. The promenade is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll or bike ride and has plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. Whether you're looking for a quiet day at the beach or a scenic stroll along the boardwalk, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach is a must-see on Staten Island.

To get there you can take the Staten Island Ferry. It's easy to get there on foot, although it may take around 25-35 minutes to get to the promenade. You can take the S51 or S52 bus from the St. George Ferry Terminal to one of the bus stops along the promenade.

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Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay Park, The Bronx

Finally, a beach in the Bronx. Located in Pelham Bay Park, Orchard Beach is a popular destination for beach lovers in New York City and the surrounding area. This scenic beach offers panoramic views of Long Island Sound and features an extensive sandy shoreline. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities including swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball and picnicking. With its well-maintained amenities such as food concessions, restrooms, and on-duty lifeguards, Orchard Beach ensures a stress-free beach experience. Explore the rest of Pelham Bay Park with hiking trails, bike paths and more, making it an ideal getaway for nature lovers.

To get there, you can take subway line 6 to Pelham Bay Park and from there take bus line B29 to the beach for about 10 minutes.

The Best Beaches Near NYC: New Jersey and Long Island Edition

If you're looking for more ways to explore beaches outside of New York City, there are plenty of stunning beach destinations just a short drive, ferry ride, or train ride away. From the beautiful beaches of New Jersey to the luxurious Hamptons on Long Island, here are some of the best beaches near NYC and how to get there.

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Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore, also made famous by the reality show, is a coastal region of the state of New Jersey on the Atlantic Ocean. The area offers beautiful beaches, promenades, amusement parks and a lively nightlife. The most popular beaches on the Jersey Shore include:

Asbury Park Beach, New Jersey

Located in Asbury Park, this beach features a lively boardwalk, great restaurants, and live music venues. To get there, you can take a New Jersey Transit train from Penn Station to Asbury Park.

Cape May Beach, New Jersey

Known for its Victorian architecture and quaint small-town charm, Cape May Beach is located at the southern tip of New Jersey. To get there, you can take a New Jersey Transit bus or drive along the Garden State Parkway.

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long Island

Long Island, located east of New York City, offers a wide variety of beautiful beaches, ranging from secluded and quiet to lush and luxurious. Some popular beaches are:

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Jones Beach State Park, Long Island

This beach is one of the largest and most popular on Long Island. It offers miles of white sandy beaches, a promenade and numerous amenities such as restaurants, shops and playgrounds. The park also features a scenic boardwalk that offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can enjoy various recreational activities such as volleyball, surfing and shuffleboard. With lifeguards on duty, it is a safe place for families to relax and have fun. Jones Beach State Park is easily accessible from New York City, Manhattan, Staten Island and other surrounding areas. It is a popular choice for both locals and tourists looking to escape the city and enjoy the beauty of nature.

To get there, you can take the Long Island Rail Road from Penn Station to Freeport or Wantagh Station.

Hampton's New York Beach

Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk

Located on the easternmost tip of Long Island, Montauk Beach is known for its stunning coastline and laid-back atmosphere, as well as wealthy New Yorkers. This beach offers excellent surfing conditions and is surrounded by many restaurants and bars. Located in the town of Montauk, about 3.5 hours outside of New York City, Ditch Plains Beach is a scenic destination known for its stunning sandy beaches and excellent surfing conditions. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, picnic and play beach volleyball on this beautiful stretch of coastline. With its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Ditch Plains Beach offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Nearby attractions such as Montauk Point Lighthouse and Gosman's Dock provide additional opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. Experience the charm and natural beauty of Ditch Plains Beach during your visit to the New York area.

To get there, you can take the Long Island Rail Road from Penn Station or Grand Central to Montauk.

Hampton's visit

Main Beach in East Hampton

This beach is known for its high-end boutiques, luxurious restaurants and its close proximity to many celebrities' summer homes. Main Beach in East Hampton is widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the New York City metropolitan area. Located in the beautiful town of East Hampton, Main Beach offers visitors the opportunity to relax on pristine white sand beaches and enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is well maintained and offers essential amenities such as lifeguards and toilets. Whether you want to swim, sunbathe or play beach volleyball, there is something for everyone at Main Beach. Don't forget to explore the charming shops and art galleries in the area for an unforgettable weekend getaway.

To get there, you can take the Long Island Rail Road, LIRR, from Penn Station or Grand Central to East Hampton and then take a taxi or walk.

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Barrett Beach Park, Fire Island

Barrett Beach Park on Fire Island is a beautiful destination with its pristine white sand and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Located a short distance from New York City, this beach offers an ideal escape from the hectic city environment, as no vehicles are allowed on the island, a bike or walking are the only options for getting around. Visitors can enjoy various activities such as swimming, sunbathing and picnicking while enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings. One part of the island is particularly famous for party nights. The park, or quieter part of the island, has hiking trails and is a great place for bird watchers. Barrett Beach Park is a popular spot among both residents and tourists, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for a wonderful beach experience.

To get there, you can take the Long Island Rail Road, LIRR, from Penn Station or Grand Central to Sayville and then take a ferry over to Fire Island.

What is the best beach in NYC?

Rockaway Beach in Queens is widely considered the best beach in NYC, but Coney Island Beach and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn are other popular options. The ideal choice depends on your preferences. Considers the unique atmosphere and amenities of each beach. Don't forget to check beach conditions and water quality before you go.

What are the best uncrowded beaches in NYC?

Jacob Riis Park Beach and Rockaway Beach are among the best uncrowded beaches in NYC. These beaches offer a calm and relaxed beach experience, unlike the busy tourist spots like Coney Island.


Although New York is the city that never sleeps, it is not only known for its skyscrapers and busy streets, but is also home to breathtaking beaches. From Brooklyn's famous Coney Island Beach to the quiet sands of Rockaway Beach, there's a beach for everyone in the Big Apple. You can also head to beautiful Long Island or Fire Island to enjoy the white sand and scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you want to soak up the sun, surf or just relax by the water, the beaches in and around New York City offer the perfect retreat from the urban jungle.

In summary, New York City and its surrounding areas offer a variety of beautiful beaches for locals and tourists to enjoy.

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