Chocolate Works – Ein Paradies für alle, die Süßigkeiten lieben

Chocolate Works – A paradise for anyone who loves sweets

chocolate in new york

New York City is also known as a melting pot of cultures and this is also reflected in the culinary offerings of the restaurants and bars in the city. And as always, the city's unlimited options have the disadvantage that you can't decide where the best place to go for something to eat is. To make the decision for your dessert or sweet craving a little easier, we would like to introduce you to Chocolate Works , a typical American “candy shop”. Even people who don't like eating sweets usually have one or two favorites that make them weak. Get ready for a little mini-adventure at Chocolate Works and marvel at the huge selection of sweet treats. You will find there, among other things:

Chocolate, ice cream, gummy bears, toffees, chocolates, fruits dipped in chocolate, truffles, a chocolate fountain, cinnamon rolls or even sweets from your childhood from brands that are no longer available today. And the great thing is that Chocolate Works makes many of the sweets they offer themselves.

Chocolate Works New York

The great thing about this candy shop is the very large selection. So there really is something for everyone. There are now 19 of these shops in America. And maybe you're wondering why, of all the specialties New York has to offer, we recommend Chocolate Works. We give you the 4 most important reasons why you shouldn't miss the sweets from this place:

  1. Due to the large selection, everyone will find something tasty here. They also offer vegan, sugar-free or even frozen sweets.

  2. The employees at Chocolate Works are super friendly, accommodating and offer great service. They are always there if you want advice, but they also let you look alone. They usually also have a tasty tasting snack with them.

  3. Chocolate Works is a very family friendly place. While you as a visitor probably won't have the time to organize a family and friends party there, you also have the opportunity to make your own sweets! :)

  4. There are 11 Chocolate Works locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey alone, so one of the stores is sure to be near you. Among other things, you will find a store on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side in Manhattan. Find the store in your area: CLICK HERE

What should you definitely not leave behind when you're at Chocolate Works?

Of course everything tastes delicious and everyone has their favorites. We definitely recommend that you try the chocolate truffles. There are different flavors and they are also very nicely decorated. However, the tastiest truffles are the ones that look the least spectacular. Here's a photo so you can see which ones we mean. A box of these delicious truffles isn't particularly cheap - but they're worth every dollar! :)

New York Chocolate Works

So if you're looking for delicious sweets in New York, be sure to check out Chocolate Works! :)

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