Blue Smoke – Ein Jazz-Abend im New Yorker Stil

Blue Smoke – A jazz evening in New York style

Jazz Club New York

New York is the birthplace of jazz and this style of music remains one of the most popular in the city to this day. New York and jazz simply belong together . There are therefore many opportunities to enjoy the music of an interesting jazz band in restaurants, bars or on our “ sunset cruise with live jazz ”.

If you are looking for a cozy place for a typical New York evening in the city, then we would be happy to recommend the jazz clubBlue Smoke ”. Many New Yorkers say that jazz music completes a night of delicious food and drinks. At Blue Smoke you can find all of this, which is one reason for its popularity. You will experience an unforgettable and classic , but at the same time cozy evening here. There is no dress code here. You're welcome to dress up if you enjoy it, and sweatpants might be inappropriate. But a casual and cozy outfit fits into the atmosphere.

The name “ Blue Smoke ” comes from the American name for the steam that is produced when a steak is fried to perfection. And that brings us to the menu offered by the club. The dishes fresh from the grill are particularly popular. The chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois has put together a large menu selection and we can generally recommend all of the dishes to you with a clear conscience. So choose what you like most.

In addition to the very good food , Blue Smoke is also about the music . Many very well-known bands have already performed here. There are two performances every evening. The first starts at 7:30 p.m. and the second at 9:30 p.m. On Fridays and Saturdays there is even a third performance at 11.30 p.m. You can reserve tickets for the performances in advance. We recommend that you do this via the homepage so that you can be sure that you can actually watch the performance. It can sometimes be sold out, especially on weekends.

Jazz New York

The Blue Smoke is very family friendly . Well-behaved children are always welcome. :) On Sundays there is even a special performance for children called “ Jazz for Kids ”.

It may take some time to actually make a decision about what to eat. It's really not easy to decide between all the delicious options.

New York delicious food

Below we will introduce you to the most popular “ best sellers ”, i.e. the menus that are ordered most frequently. (This includes a lot of snacks that go perfectly with your beer or wine)

  • Warm barbecue potato chips (warm barbecue chips): the homemade chips are not comparable to the ones you get in the supermarket. They are spicy and sweet at the same time and taste best with the blue cheese and bacon dip. :)
  • Deviled Eggs : You can find these in many corners of New York. But they don't taste particularly delicious everywhere. If you like stuffed eggs, then you will love these and you should definitely try them. :)
  • Cornbread Madelines : One of the highlights: These are pretty little breads. They taste even tastier with the butter and honey served with them.
  • Grill plate with delicious little things: The classic: You get delicious meat fresh from the grill, mac & cheese and other little things. :)

New York Food Blue Smoke

  • Be sure to leave room for a delicious dessert : they have lots of homemade treats.

There are two traditional locations in New York where you can find the full Blue Smoke amenities. The first club has the address: 116 E, 27th Street (between Park and Lexington Avenue). And the second location can be found in Battery Park (from which you can also reach the Statue of Liberty) with the address: 255 Vessey St. (West Street & North End Ave.)

Jazz New York

But there are also other options. Because Blue Smoke 's food has become so popular and well-known, you can find two stands at the MET 's stadium and at Terminal 4 at JFK . So if you can't make it to one of the jazz clubs, order the food when you visit the METs (for tickets CLICK HERE) or at the latest when you leave.

We wish a good appetite! :)

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