Berühmte TV-Show-Sets in New York

Famous TV Show Sets in New York

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When you're in New York for the first time, you feel like you've been there before. One of the reasons why this is the case is certainly the many films and TV shows that were filmed there.

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1. Sex and the City

Many of the interior scenes were filmed at Silver Cup Studios in Long Island City, a large portion of the series was shot on the streets, bars, restaurants, stores, clubs, etc. The real star of the HBO series was New York City. It's been more than ten years since Sex and the City aired, and we watch, quote, relive, recall the anecdotes and continue the debate about eternal love in the big city.

Some addresses where Sex and the City was filmed :

  • Staten Island Ferry , where Charlotte announces she is getting married with a great view of the city.
  • Onieal's. Scenes at Steve Pub, Scout, were filmed at this Little Italy bar-restaurant. Once a secret bar during the alcohol era, Prohibition , the building had a tunnel to police headquarters across the street. 174 Grand Street
  • Magnolia Bakery , Carrie tells Miranda about one of her crushes while enjoying a cupcake from the famous bakery, 401 Bleecker Street.

gossip Girl

2. Gossip Girl

America's favorite TV drama, Gossip Girl, based on the books by Cecily von Ziegesar. This show is fun because it's about "Manhattan's Elite" and "Gossip Girl." Cleverly shows how today anyone who has insider information through their job or connections can become an author.

Couple of the most famous spots:

  • New York Palace Hotel , home of the Van der Woodson's, is also home to the restaurant GILT, famous for the scene where Serena enjoys a grilled cheese. 455 Madison Ave.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art , Blair's favorite lunch spot. 1000 Fifth Avenue
  • Dylan's Candy Bar, not only is it the location for the scene where Dan and Vanessa buy Nate's anniversary present, it is also the largest candy store in the world and home to over 5,000 different candies. 1011 3rd Ave

3. Friends

The popular 90s sitcom where a few moderately busy twenty-somethings live with immense ease in the West Village, in spacious West Village apartments. New Yorkers know how far from reality this is, but we still enjoyed the series.

friends house

  • The apartment or the famous Friends House is located on the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street in the West Village .
  • The fountain from the trailer, Cherry Hill Fountain, Central Park
  • Rosses Museum where he and Rachel spend their first night together, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West & 79th St


4. The Nanny

When she shows up at the door of the elegant Upper East Side townhouse of a wealthy widower, Maxwell Sheffield Broadway producer, she unexpectedly gets the job as a nanny. Her voice rings in our ears to this day.

  • The home address is 7 E 75th Street

5. Seinfeld

The first sitcom in television history that had no plot and boasted that it was "a show about nothing." But of course that description was wrong. It was never a farce. It was social satire. Seinfeld simply argues that nothing is everything any reasonable person could expect from life. Most episodes of Seinfeld lead in a long, indirect way to two worldviews: Number one is that most people are bad and not very smart. Number two is that it is absurd Taking care of other people is also very inconvenient. All of this presented in a very funny way. Were you right?

  • The famous dinner where many of the funny dialogues took place can be found at 2880 Broadway.
  • Kramer once stands lost in the phone booth on the corner of 1st Ave. and 1st St. He says to Jerry who is on the other side of the receiver: “I'm at the corner of first, and first. Wait a minute. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe!”

   I'm on the corner first and first, wait a minute, how can the same street be with you cross yourself. I must be at the nexus of the universe.


6. How I met your mother

This sitcom takes place primarily in New York streets, bars, apartments and parks. One of the series that the whole world loved, except for the last episode where it comes to light that Ted Mosby's wife Tracy McConnell, the "mother", has passed away.

  • The famous McGee's pub, where most episodes begin and end, is located on the Upper West Side, 240 W 55th St
  • The Empire State Building where Robbin and her sister talk about how they lost their innocence. 34th St and 5th Ave.


7. King of Queens

A comedy about the everyday life of Doug Heffernan, a courier driver in the New York borough of Queens, where he lives with his wife and her father.

  • The house from the TV series is actually in New Jersey , but the actual neighborhood is supposed to be in Queens, specifically Long Island City.
  • The initial trailer shows the street and station around Queensboro Plaza.
  • Many of the small shop scenes were on Astoria Blvd. shot below the train station.

10. The Cosby Show

The central point of the series is a beautiful brownstone house in Brooklyn Heights , where this constellation immediately makes you think of Harlem and the actual house is in Manhattan, Greenwich Village 10 St. Luke's Place. The Huxtable family inspired America by radiating warmth and healthy family influence while managing the same is hilarious and heartwarming.

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