Amerikanische Hamburger - Welcher ist der Beste Burger in New York?

American Hamburgers - Which is the best burger in New York?

best burger in new york

Every meat-loving New Yorker has their favorite burger in the city if you asked them. It can get very emotional if you want to have a discussion about it with several New Yorkers. However, there is one place that is mentioned very often and is even better than all the other great places. But shhh…. It's an insider tip . ;)

When you ask for great burgers, you'll often get the following recommendations: Corner Bistro, Five Napkin Burger, Island Burgers, April Broomfield's restaurants (they have a great lamb burger here, but this post is about the classic burger options), Shake Shack, JG Mellon, the Spaniard, Whitmans, Grindhaus, The Happiest Hour, Five Guys, PJ Clarke's, Minetta and many more. These restaurants are all great and you should definitely try one or two during your stay here. :) But the tastiest burger is the bacon cheeseburger from “ Harriet’s Kitchen ”.

This store is particularly well known among residents of the Upper West Side. Many feared that opening a Shake Shack would spell doom for the sweet spot, but that wasn't the case. Because the real connoisseurs continue to enjoy their burgers in Harriet's Kitchen.

best burger in new york

You can get the bacon cheeseburger described for $12 and is served with a delicious sesame bread, a well-fried and juicy meat patty, fried onions, a cheese of your choice and fresh tomatoes and onions. You can also order ketchup, mayo and mustard. However, it is a challenge to eat there. The restaurant is very small and only has about 6 tables. But you can also order the burgers to take away.

Grab the burger of your dreams and make yourself comfortable on one of the benches in the nearby parks.

Harriet's Kitchen has the following address:

502 Amsterdam Ave
New York City, NY

There is also a delivery service. You can find more information on the homepage by CLICKING HERE.

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