Dinge, die man in der weniger besuchten Winterzeit in New York genießen sollte

Things to enjoy in New York during the less crowded winter season

Visit New York with fewer tourists

The beautiful sparkling and glittering Christmas season in New York is over. And now? From January 3rd to February 4th 2024 is “Hotel Week” and the prices are 24% reduced. You can find the participating hotels by clicking here

But what can and should you visit? For the past few years, winter in New York hasn't really hit until January, so it's going to be pretty cold in the next few weeks. This is also why there are fewer tourists in New York at this time. But such an "empty" city, as far as New York can be described as empty, also has many advantages at this time of year: cheaper hotel and flight prices , affordable Broadway tickets and no queues at the sights. Below I have put together a few highlights for you about what you can particularly enjoy during this time period (January and February):

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A leisurely stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, High Line Park or Central Park

True to the motto “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes,” you can really enjoy the cold winter weather and finally wear your thickest winter coat and the matching combination of hat, scarf and gloves. Wrap up really warm and take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (preferably after the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn Tour ) or through Central Park; in January and February there is also considerably less going on in the High Line Park . It's really fantastic and you feel like you finally have the city to yourself. And who knows; New York is always good for a surprise. You always discover something interesting when you cruise the streets of New York. A winter walk can become a nice little adventure.

Brooklyn Bridge during winter
Central Park with snow cover

Visit to the museums

Relaxed but perhaps a bit cold from your walk through Central Park, you can warm up again in one of the world's best museums near Central Park and take a look at all the exhibits at your leisure without long waiting times and crowds . The three major museums adjacent to Central Park are the Metropolitan , Museum of Natural History and Guggenheim . Another museum that is sought after by visitors to New York is the 9/11 Memorial Museum .

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One of the mesmerizing works in the MET Museum

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More information about the best museums in the city can be found by CLICKING HERE

One World Trade Center

The best viewing platform during the winter is the One Wold Observatory because it is indoors and you don't have to freeze to get the great view. Needless to say how great the view is, especially when the Hudson River is frozen. You can see the comparison of all viewing platforms here .

New York observation decks in winter

Broadway shows at bargain prices

The lower number of visitors is also noticeable on Broadway , where many offers are being advertised, especially now, at the beginning of the new year. For many shows such as "Aladdin", "The Lion King" or "Harry Potter" there is a "2 for 1 deal" where you get two tickets for the price of one ticket for many performances. If you are interested, please contact us and we will find an offer for your favorites info@meintripnachnewyork.com.

broadway tickets cheap

Visit the sights without long waiting times

Especially if you are in New York for the first time, the sights such as the Statue of Liberty , the Empire State Building , Summit , The Edge and the Rockefeller Center are an absolute must. And how convenient that many visitors come to New York at a different time. Then you can take a look at everything at your leisure in January and February. You can look at everything at your leisure without long waiting times . Almost all attractions also have areas where you can stay indoors. And there's something special about being able to admire a snow-covered Central Park from above.

If you are visiting New York for the first time and you want to see the most important sights, then I recommend theCityPASS , which contains 6 sights. Many museums are also included in the CityPASS package. You can book the City Pass or all other sightseeing passes on our website meintripnachnewyork.com .

empire state building visit
Central Park with snow cover
Visiting New York in winter

Attend a sporting event

When the temperatures get uncomfortably cold, go inside and watch the athletes sweat! This month you can watch NHL ice hockey, NBA basketball in Madison Square Garden or Barclays Center in Brooklyn .

Although football stadiums are outdoors, the exuberant, electric atmosphere at a Giants or Jets game makes braving the cold worth it.

Sporting events are also a great way to spend an evening. They are also a family-friendly activity.

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Post-Christmas sales at Woodbury Outlet

Woodbury Commons is one of the best outlets in New York. It's just an hour north of New York City and well worth the drive.
This huge outlet center has 220 stores, including many high-end designer stores.
You can find after-sale deals during the months of January and February that offer 25% to 65% off clothing, home goods, accessories and more.

woodbury outlet discount

How much does a week in New York cost?

"I put together three types of budgets: tight, average and generous, for a couple who decided to spend a week in New York (7 nights).

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Was auch richtig wunderschön ist, ist der High Line Park im Schnee ? und im Februar bei -17 Grad Celsius ist man dort auch fast ganz alleine.


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