10 Selfies die bei der ersten Reise nach New York nicht fehlen dürfen

10 selfies that shouldn't be missing on your first trip to New York

1.Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty tickets

Impossible to travel home from New York without a photo with the Statue of Liberty. Of all the selfies, this is the most symbolic, nothing says USA more than the Statue of Liberty. The best way to record it is from the ferry, shortly before arrival. Tickets for the statue are available here, CLICK , also included in the City Pass CLICK

2. Brooklyn Bridge


After the statue, the Brooklyn Bridge is the second most important and well-known attraction. A photo with the skyline in the background, a dream. Maybe not exactly climb the railing, but with a little imagination find the right place and press the shutter button to capture the unforgettable memory.


3. Times Square

Times Square in New York

The inevitable, the center of the world, oh dear, the universe, Times Square. Nowhere are the light, the colors and the energy celebrated and celebrated like on this spot on our planet. Even looking at the photo brings out emotions; it would be presumptuous of me to try to describe the feelings there.

4. Flatiron Building

flatiron in new york, iron building

Palace in the form of iron and concrete, one of the first skyscrapers in New York, the Iron Building. Impossible not to fall for the pleasure of being photographed with this background. Considering that people initially avoided it for fear of it collapsing, it is even more charming.


5. Toro Wall Street

Taurus on Wall Street

The photo with the bull testicles built by Arturo di Modica is between sacred and profane. At least you will be able to avoid smiling at this picture.


6. Central Park

central park selfie

Being able to capture the greenery and skyscrapers in a single photo is a challenge for the selfie pros among you, especially if you want your face to be placed in the center. The large lawn, Sheep Meadow, in the middle of the park, is perhaps the most unified place.

7. Empire State Building or Rooftop Tour

empire state building tickets

A picture in no one's land, under the sky, far above the pulsating street. A selfie from the top of a skyscraper, this helicopter view can seduce even the most skeptical of New York fans. Tickets for the Empire, CLICK HERE.


8. Guggenheim Museum

Fantastic Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, one of the most famous buildings. Impossible to resist. Entrance to the Guggenheim is also included in the City Pass .


9. Grand Central, Central Station

grand central visit to new york

A New York masterpiece with arches and sky. It seems to be more of a museum than a train station. Impossible not to succumb to temptation.

10. Natural History Museum

How can you resist the charm of the dinosaur skeleton?

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