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Good to know - New York Tips

10 mistakes New York visitors make

While visiting my parents, I noticed what you find strange as a visitor to New York or what you can do differently, mostly little things that seem strange to you as a European. Something you shy away from, even if it's actually safe or easy to use and things like which side of the plane you sit on.

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Fear of subway riding

If you've never used a subway system in your life, chances are that if you try it in New York, you'll fail miserably. But there's no need to panic or get frustrated, it's much more straightforward than you think. It doesn't help that all the local New Yorkers make it look so easy. Most tourists enter the subway system not knowing how to pay, which train to take and what the colors mean. The key here is quick preparation or you'll just end up on a train that goes from one station to the next all day long. Everything you need to know about going to the subway, buying tickets at the machine, explanations of the lines, etc. can be found here.

Exchange or withdraw money

A bank machine in the USA is called an ATM (/ˌeɪ ti ˈem/). You can find them at the big banks: Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TD Bank... and in front of and inside many shops and bars, which you can use with peace of mind, even if you don't like the way they look and the location where they stand will seem a bit strange. There is usually a one-time fee of 3-4 USD, regardless of the amount.

The street grid system

The system has huge advantages; you can hardly get lost. You will often not know which direction you want to go, the only way to learn is to run, run in the wrong direction, realize that you want to run back in the opposite direction, keep running...

Which side of the plane to sit on?

Unfortunately the plane doesn't always fly over Manhattan but when it does you have an amazing view. When approaching the city, the right side of the plane faces Manhattan, and when taking off, the left.

The food mecca of NYC

It's cheap, you already know it, easy and quick - I'm talking about eating at fast food chains and you should avoid it in New York. In New York you have an endless choice of restaurants and food from all over the world. I post pictures and information almost every day where you can eat delicious, cheap, healthy and unhealthy, sweet and savory food. Just follow me

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