Intrapid Air, Space und Sea Museum: Geschichte und Innovation in New York erkunden

Intrapid Air, Space and Sea Museum: Exploring History and Innovation in New York

As soon as I entered the impressive aircraft carrier, I was overwhelmed by the size and historical flair of this ship. The Intrapid Air, Space and Sea Museum in New York is located on the historic aircraft carrier USS Intrepid and offers a fascinating journey through the fields of aviation, space and seafaring. There you can immerse yourself in the wonders of aviation, space travel and maritime history as you explore this remarkable museum. In the video below you can follow me as I visit the extraordinary exhibitions and experiences and see what awaits you in the Intrapid Museum. Tickets for the museum are available here click

Visit to the aircraft carrier museum in New York

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The USS Intrepid - A floating museum
The Intrapid Museum is located on the legendary aircraft carrier USS Intrepid (CV-11), which has a rich history. Commissioned in 1943, it played a crucial role in World War II, the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Today, the USS Intrepid serves as the centerpiece of the museum, allowing visitors to board and explore its decks, hangar, bridge, and aircraft.
About 15 to 20 minutes walk from Times Square
Plan your visit to the Intrapid Air, Space and Sea Museum at:
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Pier 86, W 46th St & 12th Ave
New York, NY 10036
United States

Air Gallery - Discover aviation history
In the Air Gallery, one can experience the evolution of flight as historic aircraft hang from the ceiling, showcasing the courage and innovation of early pilots. From the Wright Brothers plane to Charles Lindbergh's iconic Spirit of St. Louis, each aircraft tells a compelling story. Interactive exhibitions provide a deeper understanding of the principles of flight.
Space Pavilion - A journey to the stars
A heavenly adventure awaits you in the space pavilion. Marvel at the life-size replica of the Apollo Lunar Module, a critical component of the moon landing mission. Immerse yourself in the history of space travel and admire artifacts such as spacesuits, lunar vehicles and even moon rocks. Interactive displays and multimedia presentations provide insights into the challenges faced by astronauts and the remarkable achievements of space agencies worldwide and most recently the real Space Shuttle.
Maritime exhibition - unveiling maritime wonders
The maritime exhibition at the Intrapid Museum celebrates the maritime world and highlights the role of the oceans in shaping our history. Step inside the decommissioned USS Growler, a strategic ballistic missile submarine, and gain a unique perspective on the lives of the submarine's crew. Explore the various compartments and discover maritime artifacts, model ships and captivating stories of legendary explorers.
Beyond the exhibitions: interactive experiences
The Intrapid Museum offers something for everyone, from simulated space launches and flight simulators to lectures by renowned astronauts.
The Intrapid Air, Space and Sea Museum in New York invites visitors on an unforgettable journey through history and innovation. Located on the iconic USS Intrepid, the museum showcases the remarkable achievements of aviation, space travel and maritime exploration. From historic aircraft to space artifacts to maritime wonders, each exhibition tells a story of human ingenuity and discovery. During your visit to New York, plan to stop by the Intrapid Museum and be inspired by the wonders of the air, space and sea.

Access to the Intrepid is also included in all sightseeing passes.

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