Geld sparen bei Hotelbuchungen in den größten Hotels New Yorks

Save money on hotel bookings at New York's largest hotels

Large hotels have more rooms to fill, empty rooms cost money, so you can often find cheaper prices in these hotels, especially for short-term bookings.

Here are the 10 largest hotels in New York that you can also see finds.

1. New York Hilton Midtown - 1980 rooms - prices on

hotels in new york

The Hilton New York is located at 6th Avenue and 53rd Street on the northwest edge of Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. The world's first cell phone call was made to a Hilton New York guest in 1974.

2. New York Marriott Marquis - 1949 rooms - prices on

Mariotte Marquis New York Hotel

The New York Marriott Marquis opened in 1985 and is located at 1535 Broadway in Manhattan. The hotel has a revolving rooftop restaurant called The View on the 45th floor.


3. Sheraton New York - 1750 rooms - prices on

Sharaton in New York

The Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers is located near Times Square along 7th Avenue and 52nd and 53rd Streets. The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers was built in 1962 and is 51 stories high. It features 5 restaurants and 10 ballrooms for weddings, business meetings, seminars and special events.


4. Hotel Pennsylvania - 1700 rooms - prices on

cheap hotels in new york

The Hotel Pennsylvania is located at 401 7th Avenue, opposite Madison Square Garden and Pennsylvania Station in Midtown Manhattan. The Hotel Pennsylvania opened in 1919 and is 22 stories high. More information about the hotel, including a video, can be found here .


5. Grand Hyatt New York - 1311 rooms - prices on

grand hyatt new york hotel

The Grand Hyatt New York Hotel is located at 109 East 42nd Street by Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel building was built in 1919 by Cornelius Vanderbilt and converted into the Grand Hyatt New York in 1980.


6th Row NYC - 1300 rooms - prices on

cheap hotel in new york

Located near Times Square and near our travel center, the hotel was recently renovated.


7. Waldorf Astoria Hotel - 1245 rooms

waldorf astoria new york

The hotel is currently under renovation.

8. Roosevelt Hotel - 1015 rooms - prices on

cheap hotels in new york

The Roosevelt Hotel is located at 45 45th Street on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel opened in 1924 and was named after former President Theodore Roosevelt.


9. New York Hotel - 1014 rooms - prices on

new york hotel at affordable prices

The New Yorker Hotel is located at 481 8th Avenue in New York City. The New York hotel was built in 1929 in the Art Deco style like the Empire State Building just a few blocks away and is 43 stories high.


10. Park Central Hotel - 935 rooms - prices on

The Park Central Hotel is located at 870 7th Avenue between 55th and 56th Streets in Midtown Manhattan. Although it's called Park Central Hotel, it's close to, but not overlooking, Central Park.


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