Thanksgiving in New York, Parade und Black Friday

Thanksgiving in New York, parade and Black Friday

thanksgiving new york, parade, balloons

As soon as Halloween is behind us, the next big celebration in America, Thanksgiving (translated: Thanksgiving), is just around the corner. This day is celebrated on November 23rd, 2023 and is the biggest family celebration of the year in America. It gets particularly festive on the streets of New York when one of the most beautiful parades of the year is held (the second time since COVID, with spectators), Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the traditional NFL football games and not forgetting Black Friday , bargain hunters' day .

Below I will introduce you to how you can celebrate this day appropriately in New York, where best to stand during the parade and experience a special part of American culture, as well as Black Friday.

Thanksgiving is a traditional event that takes place every year on the fourth Thursday in November and is used to thank God for all the good things in life, such as having a roof over your head, being healthy and doing good things Eat. It is the equivalent of the European Thanksgiving , although the customs and traditions differ greatly from ours.

Thanksgiving holiday in New York

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The Origins of Thanksgiving

The first festivities known in history books date back to the 16th century. When the Pilgrim Fathers landed in Massachusetts, they celebrated a three-day Thanksgiving with a very lavish festive meal. And there is said to have been a turkey even back then.

The turkey at Thanksgiving is the biggest tradition on this day and should not be missing from any family's big feast.

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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

So how do you spend this special holiday in New York?

One of the most famous and largest fashion houses, Macy's, whose main branch is located at 34th Street and Herald Square, holds a Thanksgiving parade every year. It is a very cheerful and colorful parade in which very large balloons with various characters from cartoons and other video games are presented.

This year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will not begin at 9 a.m. as usual, but instead at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 23, 2023 at 77th Street and Central Park West. It goes along 6th Avenue and ends at the main Macy's branch on 34th. Street and Herald Square. In total the parade lasts approximately 3 hours. Here is the route of the parade on the map:

route, route macy's thanksgiving parade

Important : The city will be very crowded and sometimes a bit chaotic on this day. Many streets will be closed due to the parade. Some “hardcore fans” are there as early as 6 a.m. to make sure they get a good spot. If you don't want to miss the show and want a good view of the parade, you should get up early. A great place to watch the parade is around Bryant Park on the 6th Avenue side, which is slightly elevated for a better view of the street, the Columbus Circle area is not obscured by skyscrapers and is also a good stink spot .

You should get in line somewhere along the route by 7:00 - 7:30 a.m. at the latest if you want to get a place in the front rows.

Starting Dec. 1 immediately after Thanksgiving

Black Friday

The best way to burn off those many calories is to shop. The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as “Black Friday” every year. This was so called because from this day onwards the shops were supposed to be in the black for the first time in the entire year in order to then be able to make good profits from the Christmas business. This day is perfect for all shopping enthusiasts as there will be many offers. Most shops open their doors at midnight. You read that right: bargain hunting starts at midnight.

More information about Black Friday can be found here

Where to eat on Thanksgiving in New York?

Thanksgiving is primarily a big family celebration, during which many New Yorkers leave the city to visit their families. Nevertheless, there will be a lot going on in New York that day. If you want to have dinner in a restaurant, you should reserve a table well in advance.

Below we have put together a few restaurants in different price categories that you can visit for Thanksgiving.

Ted's Montana Grill
Price ($$)

It's a friendly and cozy place, American cuisine: steakhouse, hamburgers, salad. The portions are large and the service is first class.

Address: 110 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10020

Phone: 212-245-5220

Sea Fire Grill
Price ($$$)

The restaurant's specialty is seafood such as shrimp, lobster and other crustaceans.

Address: 158 E 48th St Between 3rd and, Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017

Phone: 212 935-3785


The Smith, several restaurants
Price ($$$)

The Smith is always on my best list and for good reason! This time it's for their outstanding Thanksgiving menu, which consists of a three-course prix fixe meal with appetizers, main courses and dessert. The meal is $75 per person and reservations can be made!

Address: 1150 Broadway, New York, NY

Phone: 212-685-4500


Sylvia's Restaurant
Price ($$)

In the heart of Harlem, Sylvia has welcomed the French community for years. Many celebrities have already had the chance to taste Sylvia's delicious dishes. They included Michael Bloomberg, former President Bill Clinton and former New York State Governor George Pataki.

Thanksgiving special menu at $29.

Address: 328 Malcolm X Boulevard New York

Phone: 212-996-0660

Football on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day and NFL football are almost inextricably linked. Since 1934, the Detroit Lions have played at home on Thanksgiving almost every year, with one notable exception during World War II. The annual tradition was extended to America's team, the Dallas Cowboys, in 1966.

Who's playing on Thanksgiving?

The Green Bay Packers play at the Detroit Lions.
Washington Commanders play at the Dallas Cowboys.

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Black Friday

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