Ist es besser, in Europa oder den Vereinigten Staaten Euro/Franken in US Dollar zu wechseln?

Is it better to exchange euros/francs for US dollars in Europe or the United States?

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I'm often asked this question, especially by those who don't travel to the United States frequently. Based on personal experience and that of many travelers, I can advise the following.

  • Weigh all your options carefully, the exchange rate and fees will of course play the biggest role in when and where you exchange money, but also consider convenience and security.

  • The best choice is to travel with little cash, perhaps a minimum amount of $300-500. You can pay with your credit card and you can get more cash at the local ATM at any time. The fees at the ATMs are between $3-5, depending on the bank. The exchange rate itself is also fair, generally better than at the exchange offices.

  • Before you travel, contact your bank and let them know that the transactions abroad are not unusual and that they should not block the card because of this.

  • Since there is always a fee at the ATM, try not to withdraw money there too often; it is better to withdraw larger amounts.

  • You will often see ATMs, ATMs, bars, small shops, so-called delis and other unusual places for you. These ATMs are safe and you can withdraw money there if necessary. The fees at these ATMs are slightly higher than at the banks themselves.
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