Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

It's the spookiest time of the year and here's a rundown of what to expect in New York on Halloween.

How is Halloween celebrated in New York City?

Halloween will be celebrated again this year on October 31st. Basically, this festival is celebrated much larger in America and therefore also in New York than in Europe. You will find lots of Halloween decorations around town, in shops, bars and restaurants. There are “scary” sweets in the supermarkets and you can dress up. However, it is not absolutely necessary that the costume looks as scary as possible.

A bit of “show-off knowledge”

The word Halloween comes from the term "All Hallows' Eve". It describes the folk customs of the evening and night before All Saints' Day and originally comes from Catholic Ireland. Irish immigrants introduced this custom to the USA, where this festival is now celebrated even more widely than in Ireland itself. On Halloween all evil spirits are supposed to be driven away.


When does Halloween take place?

Halloween takes place every year on the eve of All Saints Day, i.e. always on October 31st.

How is this festival celebrated in New York?

In Europe, Halloween is primarily a celebration of children who dress up and run from house to house to drive away evil spirits and receive candy in return. In America and therefore also in New York, this festival is celebrated much larger and there are many events for young and old. The week before Halloween, many Halloween parties take place in clubs and bars in New York, to which you usually have to buy a ticket. At these parties, visitors dress up, although there can be different “dress codes” depending on the party. Depending on the party, you can find out about this beforehand when purchasing your ticket. There are also many events on Halloween itself, including a Halloween parade.






What can you do on Halloween?

Check out the famous Halloween parade "Village Halloween Parade"  on 6th Avenue between Spring Street and 16th Street in Manhattan. Or better yet, dress up and walk in the parade yourself! Registration is not required. Just be on 6th Avenue between Broome and Canal Streets at 6:30 p.m. Just be sure to get there early as the city will be very crowded. They walk in the parade for approximately 2 hours.

The parade route can be found on the map below





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