Ein Urlaub in New York im Herbst oder Winter – Was solltet ihr nicht vergessen einzupacken?

A vacation in New York in fall or winter - what shouldn't you forget to pack?

Now that we're in September, it's only a matter of time before the temperatures in New York start to drop . The climate in New York is usually very mild until mid-October, although there can be exceptions . One day we can still enjoy the sun in Central Park at 25 degrees and the following day autumn can surprise us with a typically rainy and windy day . Experience has shown that the months of December, January and February are by far the coldest in New York and double-digit minus values ​​in temperature measurements are not uncommon . So be sure to pack your thickest winter jacket during these months or wear it on your journey so that it doesn't take up all the space in your suitcase . Until April, the weather in New York can still be very cold and generally somewhat changeable. So what is the best way to dress in the city? While in summer you experience the air conditioning being turned up so high that you experience differences of up to 20 degrees or more between the heat outside and the cold in a supermarket or other premises, in autumn and winter it can be exactly the other way around. The best advice is therefore to dress comfortably and in several layers , especially for sightseeing, in order to be able to react flexibly to different circumstances.

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The “must-haves” for autumn and winter in New York

Winter clothing New York
  • A long thick scarf
  • Cap
  • Gloves
  • sweatshirt
  • A wind- and water-repellent rain jacket/coat
  • A lighter jacket (leather jacket, denim jacket)
  • T-shirts or tops (for the onion look)
  • Jeans
  • Sturdy and comfortable footwear (also running shoes)
  • Extra pair of socks because you'll sweat through yours
  • Thermal underwear (especially if you get cold easily)
  • A small foldable backpack/backpack bag
  • Extra underwear as you will probably sweat a lot
  • Sunglasses are recommended all year round in sunny New York
  • Cell phone and laptop charging cables
  • Power bank to charge your smartphone when you're on the go
  • Pack some of your cold medicines - those in America often have a different/much stronger effect
  • A small disinfectant for your hands
  • Small plastic bags if you want to take opened hygiene products home with you

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Special features for women's suitcases

Winter clothing woman New York

New York is one of the fashion metropolises and you will meet many very well-dressed women and models , especially in Manhattan. So that you don't feel annoyed when you see that you only made sure that your outfits were comfortable and practical , pack a great outfit. Especially in the evening, many restaurants and bars have a dress code and you feel much better next to all the stylish and pretty New Yorkers. And at the latest when you meet New Yorkers in the toilet of a bar in your favorite dress and receive a compliment on your outfit, you will be happy that you have packed something stylish and that you won't be recognized as a tourist everywhere. :) By the way, you can bring the right shoes for your outfit in the foldable backpack. Since so many things in New York can be reached on foot, you often see women on the streets changing from comfortable sneakers into their super chic, but unfortunately also very uncomfortable, high heels. You should also pack:

  • An extra bra or maybe a sports bra for
  • Hair ties as it can be very windy
  • Water-repellent shoes for the city (many women even walk around in rubber boots)
  • Long skirts are currently very fashionable, but make sure that they don't touch the floor and can then quickly get wet and dirty
  • Comfortable clothing such as yoga leggings and a T-shirt

Special features for men's suitcases

  • A sporty jacket
  • A pair of nice jeans and good shoes if you want to go out in the evening
  • Comfortable pajamas

What should you leave at home?

That's a long list of things you should pack. And don't forget that you should still leave room for your shopping achievements in America. Especially in outlets like Woodbury, one of the largest and best-known outlets in America, it is very annoying if you end up not being able to pack everything in your suitcase or having to pay for expensive excess luggage.

One last tip: If you plan to see some of the sights in New York, take a rain poncho with you. You can buy these in New York, but they will be cheaper at home.

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