Die besten Souvenier Shops in New York

The best souvenir shops in New York


As you walk around New York, you will notice numerous places where you can buy souvenirs. Since the city is full of shops across 1,215 square kilometers, you should narrow down your selection. Try to avoid Times Square as it is usually more expensive there and go to one of these places. Here are alternative shops and areas to the Times Square area.

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If you're looking for a bargain, head straight to Canal Street . In addition to fun posters, cheap jewelry, and kitschy shot glasses, Chinatown-based vendors also have a ton of “I love NY” shirts. If you're looking for stereotypical souvenirs to take home, you'll find exactly what you're looking for here. Browse different stalls before purchasing to ensure you get the best price.

St Mark's Place

Head to funky St Mark's Place to pick up downtown souvenirs like cool jewelry, shot glasses, or even a glass pipe. There are, of course, plenty of t-shirts and in some smaller shops travelers can even buy old-school vintage clothing from NYC. For those wanting a more permanent souvenir, there are plenty of tattoo and piercing shops lining the street.

At the foot of Brooklyn Bridge

Many things are offered cheaply here, t-shirts, license plates, snow globes, paintings, photos, refrigerator magnets, etc.

The dealers sit at the foot of the Manhattan side of the bridge and are always there, whatever the weather. Their prices are so affordable primarily because they don't have to rent a store.


PIQ (pronounced “pick”) toy and gift shops reflect the city that inspires them. Like New York, PIQ is unexpected, international and a good time. With playful designs, funny books, irreverent novelties, designer toys, custom figurines and global treasures, everyone can find the gifts that will make someone smile. You can find the PiQ shops here by clicking

Artists and Fleas

Part of what makes NYC so great is its endless network of creatives. Support the people making some of New York's coolest crafts by stopping by the Artists & Fleas Market to buy something with soul, from hand-printed t-shirts to steampunk jewelry to whimsical cards to send home . Afterwards, head to Chelsea Market to refuel with some of the city's most delicious food.

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